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wwTLD Secretariat

15 September 2003

The Adminsitration Committee of the World Wide Alliance of ccTLDs is delighted to advise that Richard Francis and Andy Lane will ensure the ccTLD Temporary Secretariat for a period of 8 weeks.

For the last 8 years Richard Francis has been working as Legal Adviser to the Nominet, .UK Registry. Andy Lane is Chartered and European Engineer and member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in the UK. Between October 1999 and April 2002 Mr Lane worked as project manager with Schroeder Investment Management and JPMorganChase in Luxembourg.

We all look forward to working with Richard and Andy on preparing Carthage ccTLD meetings and ccTLD nameserver training.

Signed on behalf of the AdCom

Members of Administration Committee of the World Wide Alliance of ccTLDs

Africa:Yann Kwok
Africa:Charles Musisi
AsiaPacific:Peter Dengate Thrush
AsiaPacific:Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah
Europe:Nigel Roberts
Europe:Elisabeth Porteneuve
LatinAmerican&Caribbean:Patricio Poblete
LatinAmerican&Caribbean:Eduardo Santoyo
LatinAmerican&Caribbean:Oscar Robles
NorthAmerica:Bernard Turcotte

Created in 1998 and funded by country code top level domain registries (ccTLDs), the World Wide Alliance of Top Level Domain-names registries (wwTLD) provides a forum to professional information exchange and to discuss technical and policy matters affecting ccTLDs. The wwTLD organize ccTLD meetings and trainings, usually within ICANN frame. We also collect information and document the practices of ccTLDs, coordinate collaborative efforts of translations when necessary, and are promoting and encouraging the provision of better professional services for users amongst ccTLDs world wide.

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