ccTLD Names Council Elections

List of Candidates Nominated

Nigel Roberts of Guernsey registry .GG
nominated by Clint Mole of .KY
seconded by Peter de Blanc of .VI

Dennis Jennings of Ireland .IE
nominated by Stefano Trumpy of .IT
seconded by NIC-AT (Herbet Vitzthum)

Antony Van Couvering (IATLD) nominated by Peter de Blanc of .VI
seconded by Bill Semich of .NU

Patricio Poblete of Chilean registry .CL
nominated by Oscar Robles of .MX
seconded by Oswaldo Aguirre of .VE

Robert Hall of the Canadian registry nominated by Olle Thylander os .SE
seconded by Stefano Trumpy of .IT

Patrick O'Brien of the New Zealand registry. NZ
nominated by Nigel Roberts of .GG
Seconded by Agnes Lee of .SG