Notes from ccTLD Administration Committee telephone meeting

1 July 1999


Kilnam Chon (.kr)

Fay Howard (CENTR and interim Names Council Representative

Dennis Jennings (.ie)

Nii Quaynor (.gh and interim Names Council Representative)

Bill Semich (.nu and interim Names Council Representative)

Peter de Blanc (.vi) part of the time

By Invitation:

Nigel Roberts (.gg) joined for a short time at the start to discuss electoral




1. Elections

Nigel Roberts to forward an e-mail outlining the services the Electoral

Reform Society can offer and the cost. The cost of the Electoral Reform

Society for their work is likely to be in the region of US $750 - 900. The

constituency is small enough to have a manual counting procedure for

this year. In addition to the formal Returning Officer - probably

provided by ERS, a neutral Acting Returning Officer will be required to

oversee that elections are conducted properly - and it was felt

appropriate that a member of the ICANN Board be asked to take on this

role. Nigel is also to check with the Society if they can work within the

time schedule laid out at the last Administrative Committee meeting to

ensure elected representative are in place by ICANN's Santiago meeting

in August. Fay to remind Josh Elliot of ICANN to provide a list of admin

contacts from the IANA Database for use in the elections.

Agreed: The Schedule discussed at the informal ccTLD Administration

Committee meeting in San Jose was confirmed and agreed.

Reminder - The Election Schedule:

July 1 - Announcement

July 11 - Nominations Open

July 25 - begins

August 8 - Balloting (Voting) begins

August 15 - Balloting ends

August 16 - Results announced

Action: Fay & Nigel to form a working committee for the election

process which others can join should the wish. Fay to be main contact

and to keep the constituency informed.

After Nigel had to leave, Nii requested to see if fully electronic vote

counting system could be introduced this year to set a good example to

other bodies within ICANN. Fay to take this up with Nigel though

mindful of the time constraints the Administrative Committee has set for


2. ccTLD Administration Committee Meeting Schedule

The Administration Committee (AdCom) agreed the following (slightly

revised) telephone conference and meeting schedule.

July 13 - Telephone Conference at 13:00 hours GMT ** Change from

July 12**

July 26 - Telephone Conference at 13:00 hours GMT

August 9 - Telephone Conference at 13:00 hours GMT

August 23 - Santiago - Morning - AdCom meeting

August 23 - Santiago - Afternoon - cc TLD Constituency meeting

San Jose Interim Names Council Meeting Report

Fay, Bill & Nii reported on the Interim Names Council meeting they

attended in San Jose on behalf of the ccTLD constituency and Fay

agreed to write a brief report for the constituency, to be approved first by

Bill & Nii, and then circulated.

They reported that they had had some success in getting the key issue

of th e process onto the agenda. They also pointed out

that getting the General Assembly of the DNSO established and

mechanisms for initiating and accepting work and gathering consensus

were the first priority of a new Interim Names Council. They succeeded

in getting agreement on the establishment of the General Assembly.

They also pressed for creation of uniform procedures for the creation of

working groups and Bill Semich and Jonathan Cohen (of the IP

constituency) are to head a working committee on this subject. A

proposal was made to postpone the commencement of work in working

groups already put in place by the Interim Names Council until after this

committee reports. This was rejected by a narrow margin. However,

Javier Sola, who is leading Working Group C on new gTLDs, agreed not

to make conclusions and recommendations before the procedure for

working groups had been defined.

Issue Arising: Has the Chairman of the Interim Names Council a casting

vote ? This was refused in the votes taken.

Working Group on Dispute Resolution (WG A): Jonathan Cohen

reported that he was not having much success in getting people who

signed up to the working group to respond to the four questions he

circulated on the subject. He proposed that ICANN be asked to extend

the deadline they set for the Interim Names Council (I-NC) to respond to

this part of the WIPO report.

Working Group on Famous Names (WG B): Has yet to begin work.

Working Group on New gTLDs (WG C): A 'Charter' for this Working

Group was distributed at the meeting and commitment obtained that it

would be published on the DNSO web site. It sets out items to be dealt

with and a timetable as well as the existing list of participants including

Dennis Jennings and Kilnam Chon for the ccTLD constituency.

The AdCom noted that the minutes of the San Jose Interim Names

Council meeting have yet to be published.

3. Discussion on Interim Names Council Working Groups

It was agreed by the ccTLD Administration Committee that the

procedures for the Interim Names Council should include a method of

recording interests of the I-NC which could lead to potential conflict and

that where conflict of interest arises, that I-NC member should not lead a

working group.

It was noted that there are no discussion archives accessible on the

DNSO web site, and no way to access the Working Group information.

It was noted that the agenda of the Working Groups was set by an

Interim Names Council member rather than being open for discussion. In

particular, those who had volunteered at the informal working DNSO

meeting at San Jose had not been invited to lead the working groups

they had suggested and had volunteered to lead. E.g. Antony Van

Couvering had volunteered to lead the working group on gTLDs.

4. Discussion on Additional Interim Names Council (DNSO) Working


Working Group on Businesabsence) that Antony van Couvering should participate in the work on

the business plan, as he had suggested this committee.

Working Group on Outreach (WG E): Requires input and Kilnam Chon

agreed to give input on behalf of ccTLDs. It was agreed that Kilnam

should take charge of this work.

5. DNSO Web site

Bill mentioned his official request raised at the I-NC meeting that a link is

made to the ccTLD constituency's own Web site. It was noted that this

has not yet been done.

The AdCom agreed that the DNSO webmaster should be neutral and not

posting their own documents exclusively.

Action: The AdCom took an action to ask that the DNSO Web site

provide only a pointer to the constituency's own site (temporarily at and to remove the documents currently

posted which are heavily influenced by the French registries views.

Fay agreed to continue posting all documents and information to the

constituency pages until the separate site is established.

The lack of information posted on the DNSO web site was also


Action: Dennis accepted an action to ask the Interim Names Council to

make information on working groups and their documents more


6. AdCom Meetings

For the time being the Administrative Committee agreed to have regular

meetings to progress the elections and other key issues. Telephone

meetings will continue to be open for all to listen in. Bill is to look into

having a separate line into the conference allowing participants to listen

but not speak to prevent constant interruption by the operator

announcing participants and also prevent the possibility of excessive

interruption - which could disrupt conferences and add to the cost for


There were no listeners at this conference - due to the late

announcement. The AdCom apologised for the late announcement.

Schedule: See above - Item 2

Meeting closed