Administrative Committee of the ccTLD Constituency

Two sets of Notes from Teleconference Held 13 July 1999


Nii Quaynor, Kilnam Chon, Bill Semich, Rob Hall,
Peter deBlanc, Oscar Robles, Antony Van Couvering
Listener and Scribe: YJ Park

Apologies from:

Dennis Jennings (vacation)
Fay Howard (input submitted later in writing and incorporated into YJ's notes)

1. Notes submitted by Peter de Blanc

Working group A
Jonathan Cohen feels agenda is "wrapped up" BIll S feels outreach is not working, especially outside of North America and Europe.

Working Group B
Domain dispute resolution policies applied to Gtld's may by extension be applied to ccTLD's.

Kilnam thinks this subject requires more work, to prevent automatic rollover of gTLD dispute policies to ccTLDs

Working Group C New gTLD's
Javier is pushing thru this area, regardless of whether there is any consensus about. Bill S says there are three sub groups here:
1 Why do we need them
2 HOw do we determine them
3. Proposals for new gTLDs

Kilnam is getting the mail from sub work group 1
Peter says that arguing for the names council to facilitate consensus is not enough we must resist the 'ramming' of the creation of new gTLDs by javier and would be registries/registrars

Group D
Theresa Swinhart (mci) working on IPO and is pro new gTLD, may produce a business plan that is not aligned with ccTLD issues.
Peter is willing to get on this group, when it is formed.

Group E Outreach
Nii is co-ordinating. Needs an external chair Nii will have more info by Santiago.
Bill feels that this group is especially important- wants to indicate to ICANN that non-us, non european cultures may be slower to respond and need more time to get involved.

Comittee F proceedures
merging into Group D according to Bill S.
Eva, Fay, Javier, Amedeo, received a draft policy re 'openness', etc. Bill would prefer to merge this with group D
Nii suggests keeping group F, Bill does not find enough support to do this independently.

General Assembly

Bill: Only topic was appontment of chairs, Nii as GA chair, Tony Harris to chair Names Council meeting.
Javier seems to be ramming the agendas, if no one disagrees, that becomes the agenda.
Bill suggests we all provide inputs to Nii for the agenda of the GA and we propose that Nii be the chair of the GA until Los Angeles (November)
Kilan: election process Bill - important that we meet our election schedule.
Committee of election is Fay, most others may be nominated. Robert suggests Fay, Bill, Nii because they are not in the running for election.
Bill: Patricio Pobleto proposed another workshop. LATCLD should carry on one in spanish.
Kilnam: do a workshop in Africa, then ICANN meeting, then Yokahama INET 2000
Oscar joins, says Patricia will take lead in organizing a workshop Kilnam requests proposal within one week.
Anthony joins
Bill says O'reilly publisher will donate DNS and BIND books, also perhaps in spanish if there is going to be a technical session. Kilnam suggests the Thursday at Santiago
Rob suggests leave it to Patricio

adjourned until tues 26th same time. next names council conf is on the 27th

Notes from YJ Park

Meeting Summary - Ad Com of ICANN/DNSO ccTLD constituency

Date: July 13
Time: 09:00 Eastern Daylight Time (US) 22:00 (Korea)

Nii Quaynor, Kilnam Chon, Bill Semich, Rob Hall, Peter deBlanc, Oscar Robles, Antony Van Couvering
Listener and Scribe: YJ Park

fyi, this has been reorganzed according to the agenda of this meeting.

1. Election process

Fay is facilitating the election process of NC members from ccTLD constituency. Bill and Nii will support Fay in this matter.
Fay was not present during the call but submitted the following notes for the minutes:

After a technical hitch yesterday, a call for nominations has now gone out to all admin contacts. Five of these contacts have failed so far with bounced messages. I shall forward the failure messages to Josh at IANA for information. There has been one nomination so far and that is for Nigel Roberts of .gg though the message did not come from the same email address as the contact and I shall have this corrected. No seconder received for Nigel at this stage.

7. 11 Nominations open
7. 25 Begins
8. 8 Balloting Begins
8. 15 Balloting ends
8. 16 Results Announced

2. July 12 pNC Teleconference

gTLD NC participants:
- Don Telage, Phil Sbarbero & David Johnson

3. WG Discussion

This process will be completed by end of July without extension as we discussed previously.

WG B -Famous
Jonathan Cohen will chair WG B as well as WG A.

WG C -new gTLD
There are three smaller groups.
wg-c-1 Should there be new gTLDs?
wg-c-2 What should the registration and data maintenance process and regulation be?.
wg-c-3 How should the new gTLDs be managed?

Mail archive is available now.
ccTLD should make a position paper on WG C.

Committee D -Business plan
Teresa who has legal background is chairing this committee.
Peter volunteered to be involved with this committee from ccTLD.
Antony will take part in this committee too.
Through email, we can solicit more participation from people out there.

Committee E -Awareness/Outreach
Nii is co-chair to coordinate with pNC.
Kilnam co-chairs.
We could discuss on a new constituency development.
The openness will be a critical point.

Committee F -WG Procedure
Jonathan Cohen would come up with procedure principles.
Victoria Carrington(junior partner) is helping Jonathan.
The members include Eva, Fay, Amadeu, Javier,
Jonathan(overcommitteed already) and Bill.
This could be merged into Committee D.
However, in conclusion, its own independent operation should be respected.
[Scribe's note: DNSO WG Organizing principles came up by Shapiro Cohen]

4. Website/Email List Management
This issue has been skipped and will be discussed next time due to Fay's absence.

5. Santiago's GA chair: Nii
Nii has been recommended to chair until the coming LA November meeting. He will propose agenda. Each constituency can propose its own agenda for GA, too.
With regard to election, ICANN would just post-approve its process and result.

6. TLD Workshop
Santiago workshop would be very likely processed in Spanish for its regional audience. Oscar will contact Patricio Pobleto to write a prposal soon.

The coming workshop during ICANN inAfrica in 2000, Feb. or Mar. would be also regional. It will be primarily organized by Nii. Publication in San Jose was very popular among people. Patricio would take a lead for workshop. Agenda should be announced two weeks before. However, the local manager would decide every detail in this.

7. Santiago ICANN Schedule

8. 23 Mon ccTLD
8. 24 Tue DNSO
8. 25 Wed IACNN Open Meeting
8. 26 Thu ICANN Board Meeting pNC (Afternoon)

The Workshop can be held either on Sunday or Thursday.