Summary of the ccTLD Constituency Meeting,

Cairo, 7th March 2000


The meeting was very well attended with up to 80 participants present at some stages, not all of whom were ccTLD related. There were however representative of 38 registries from all 5 regions present for the meeting. (See list of participants below).

The meeting was chaired by Kilnam Chon (APTLD) and Dennis Jennings (CENTR) in the absence of Nii Quaynor.

1. Best Practice

ICANN issued a call for comment in respect of Best Practice for ccTLDs:

Documents have now been posted by the Government Advisory Committee of ICANN, CENTR, IATLD, NZ, IP Constituency and John Klensin. The meeting agreed to ask the Administrative Committee to form a working group to which representatives of all parties who have posting documents will be invited to work on creating a best practice document for recommendation to the ICANN board meeting in Yokohama in July. It was agreed that there were issues on which the various documents were broadly in accord and that it would be useful for the Working Group to identify these as a first move.

2. Contracts for Root Services

It was agreed that there were two key issues to be addressed:

Operational issues and political issues (redelegation)
Redelegation is very difficult and may take some time to be finalised.
There was consensus that operational and technical issues should be addressed as soon as possible. The Adcom was charged to write to IANA asking for transparency in the area of the root with the aim of making a satisfactory contract for services.

3. Elections to the Names Council

The meeting was reminded that the constituency was in violation of ICANN by laws on geographical diversity in relation to its Names Council representatives.
At the meeting in Los Angeles, a working group was set up to draft new election procedures which would guarantee regional diversity. The working group consisted of Willie Black (UK) George Daniel (AG) and Patrick O’Brien (NZ) and their document was published to the ccTLD- discuss list earlier this year.

The constituency was urged to read the document and make comment to the list but a few options were debated during the meeting. The meeting generally approved of the proposal to have regional elections to guarantee one candidate from each. There was less consensus on the options of re-electing all rather than a staggered system and on the option of one year or two year terms of office. These options had been suggested by the working group to ensure better rotation of representatives amongst the regions. It was agreed that the decisions on these options needed to be put to the whole constituency before elections could be held.

The Adcom are to write to ICANN seeking a definition of their regions and whether it is acceptable for registries to self-select (e.g. the non-Spanish speaking Islands of the Caribbean may wish to be in the North American region rather than Latin America for these matters). The Adcom will also seek clarification on the issue of residency versus citizenship in defining eligibility for candidates.

4. Multilingual domain name characters

The meeting was told of a number of initiatives underway to address the issue of multilingual characters in domain names. Nubind, It was agreed that a workshop would be held in Yokohama at which these initiatives will be studied in more detail.

5. DNS sec

A Workshop is to be held in July in Yokohama to discuss DNS sec. The Adcom will arrange and post details as soon as possible.

6. ccTLD Funding of ICANN

The issues of ICANN funding was discussed and those present were told that ICANN CEO Mike Roberts had contacted Willie Black (UK) and Naomasa Maruyama (JP) to participate in the ICANN Task force on funding for the forthcoming financial year.

The consensus of the meeting was that 5 ccTLD representatives should be selected, one from each of the 5 regions and appropriate candidates were selected:

Willie Black Europe
Naomasa Maruyama AP region
Bill Semich N. America
Oscar Robles South America
Aguinaldo Salunterra Africa

The representatives were given an instruction that should the T/F refuse to accept the delegates, all should withdraw.

Funding the ccTLD Constituency and Secretariat Support.

There was consensus that the Constituency needed to be put on a more formal footing with paid secretariat support. There was less consensus on how funding should be arranged and some felt that the funding of DNSO and its constituencies should come out of any fee paid to ICANN rather than have many invoices from different organisations.

It was pointed out that due to lack of decision at every meeting the situation was not getting resolved and work was not being carried out due to lack time of volunteers and lack of paid staff to carry out work.

Fay Howard agreed to send again to the list her work plan and staffing assessment for the ccTLD constituency and the Adcom were charged to make a call for proposals. In the short term, ISOC NZ offered to provide temporary secretariat support in the form of half a full time equivalent if ccTLDs would fund half the cost of such an FTE ($45k) on temporary basis for 2000. A number agreed to contribute and the Adcom were charged to seek consensus of the constituency and voluntary funding.


List of Participants (those who signed up) not all of whom were present the whole day:

Fay Howard CENTR
Lars-Odin Mellemseter Name Planet .com
Hakon Haugnes Name Planet .com
Gu China Beijing Internet Institute
Peter Dengate Thrush .NZ
Nigel Roberts .GG
Marcel Schneider .CH/.LI
Stephan Welzel .DE
Zita Wenzel .US
Peter De Blanc .VI
Marianne Wolfgruber .AT
Rebecca Chan Neteka Inc
Edmon Chung Neteka Inc
Robert West NSI
George Rethy Neteka Inc
Carl Krasnor Neteka Inc
Ricardo Pedraza .CO
Martin Schwimmer Fross Zelnick for .TV
Linda Kayla .NU
Paul Kane .AC
Jon Karlung .ST
Agathoclis Stylianou .CY
Aguinaldo Salvaterra .ST
David G Thompson (nuda) .AU
Jong Won Lee .KR
Eric Iriarte Ahon (rcp) .PE
Yann Kwok .MU
Asoh Derek .CM
Roger Cochuth
Hal Carroll .NU
Stafford Guest .NU
Helene Ramon
Patricio Poblete .CL
Oscar Robles .MX
Morton Taragin .IL
Doron Shikmoni .IL
Sooyoun Lee .KR
Naomasa Maruyama .JP
Jim Higgins .NZ
Alan Fealy .CX
Madi Sigma .CC
Toshi Tsubo .JP
Derek A Newman .CC
Brian Cartwell .CC
Nabil Azar NSI
Eva Frölich .SE
Bill Semich .NU
Anthony Van Couvering IATLD
Lesley Cowley .UK
Willie Black .UK
Name Illegible .CC
Shuichi Tashiro .JP
Demi Getschko .BR
Sue Leader .NZ
Adiel Akplogan .TG
Kouma Cyriaque .GA
Sultan Al Shamsi .AE
Per Koelle .DK
Hilmar Schmundt Spiegl Magazine .de
Pierre Dandjinou .BJ
Lishan Adam .SN
Louis Touton ICANN (part of the time)
Andrew McLauchlin ICANN (part of the time)
Byung Kyu Kim .KR
Ellen Shankman .IL
Richard Duncan
Gavin Knight
Wolfgang Kleinwächter
Calvin Browne .CO.ZA
Rosalind Stevenson .ZA
Elisabeth Porteneuve .FR
Jonathan Cohen ICANN
Staffan Hagnell .SE
Östen Franberg .SE
Jung-Yup Lee .KR
Sameh Kamal .EG
Michael Johnson NSI
P Cabell Ben Kmar
Ching-Zi Liu .TW
Chin-Fu Kuo .TW
Desiree Miloshevic VI.NET
Ivan Maric .HR
Kevin Meynell CENTR
George Daniel .AG
James Sengl DNS net
S. T. Chang PCDC
Ting-Chun Wang .TW
Jan-Ming Ho .TW
Alf Hansen .NO
Sabine Dolderer .DE
Sharon Bush NETNAMES
Bart Boswinkel .NL
Arne Litlere TELENOR
Christa Lin
Makiko Matsumaru .JP
Carsten Schiefner .DE
Eugenie Staicut .RO