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ccTLD Interim Secretariat selection - Request for Comment by 2 June 2000

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Two (2) Proposals are in hand for the operation of an Interim ccTLD
secretariat, one from ISOC-NZ and one "combination" proposal from AFNIC - AP
Joint Secretariat.

1. ISOC-NZ proposal provides for one full time Executive director, and
donates Internet access, Mail and Web server facilities, and technical
assistance. The office would be in NZ.

2. AFNIC - AP Joint Secretariat provides one part time Executive Director,
two part time administrative assistants, and one part time technical person.
Under this proposal, the Executive director would be supplied by AP region,
and the physical office would be in France.

The AdCom at its May 23 Teleconferencereached a consensus that the AFNIC-AP
proposal would better serve the needs of the ccTLD constituency, both
administratively (more personnel), and politically (geographically diverse).

Those ccTLD representatives wishing to comment on or endorse either of these
proposals are invited to do so no later than 2 June, 2000 by 11:49 UTC.

The AdCom will hold a special teleconference 3 June 2000 to review comments
and confirm the selection.

Copies of the proposals may be found at:

Peter de Blanc

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