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July 2000, Secretariat report

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31 July 2000

Written by Kanchana Kanchanasut

ccTLD Secretariat's summary of activities:

(a) Website migration and revision. After Yokohama ICANN meeting, the ccTLD secretariat has been transferred completely from CENTR who looked after the ccTLD website since its formation. The new Website with revised and up-to-date contents can now be accessed from

(b) Yokohama ccTLD Constituency Meeting: ccTLD constituency meeting took place on 12-13 July, 2000 in Yokohama, Japan. The logistics of meetings was organized Kilnam Chon with the local assistance from JPNIC. The secretariat did facilitate the running of the meetings. Meeting reports ( and summary (../../meetings/cctld/20000712.Yokohama-summary.html) have been prepared by the secretariat.

Appeal for donation for Yokohama meeting expenses have been made to members but no response from members on this issue has been received.

(c) Donation for ICANN: The secretariat has followed up on the Yokohama ccTLD communique on funding to ICANN

> The ccTLD Constituency of ICANN, meeting in Yokohama,
> notes that ICANN has stated that it has urgent financial needs;
> And notes:
> THAT over US $ 750,000 in donations has already been pledged by it's
> members in support of ICANN for the Budget year ending 30 June 2000.
> The ccTLD Constituency looks forward to progress.

by setting up a tracking website and writing to all members to encourage them to take part in this endeavour.

(d) Funding to the Secretariat: It was proposed and agreed that the secretariat be funded by the constituency at 10% of the funding to ICANN. At present, the secretariat has received only US$1,000.- from .VI

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