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August 2000, Secretariat report

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10 September 2000

Written by Abhisak Chulya

Secretariat's activities during August 2000.

(a) Compiling Self-Select region and updated IANA who-is database information

We have sent out the Self-Select form to all 242 ccTLD registries as well as asking them to update the information related to IANA who-is database. Ninety (90) ccTLD registries answered our emails and their answers are posted on web site at This information will be used for NC election (voting roster). As suggested by the AdCom, we have sent all the updated information on IANA who-is database to Louis Touton and urged all those ccTLDs who want their database updated to send the changes directly to Louis Touton as well. Louis Touton has replied to us as expected and that is if the information changed not involved the Admin Contacts and/or Technical contacts, it can be updated automatically following the steps. But if the changes related to Admin and Technical contacts, those ccTLDs must contact him directly by filling out the template and this process will take longer because it often involves redelegation issue. He also suggested that we set up the list specifically for voting instead of relying on AdminContact list in the future.

(b) AdCom Teleconference

The meeting originally set on 15 Aug but due to lack of attendance, it has postponed to 19 Aug 2000. Minutes of the teleconference have been sent to AdCom members as well as cctld-discuss mailing list.

(c) Preparation for NC Election

Kent Crispin has accepted to be our Teller for NC election as recommended by AdCom. He is currently working with Abhisak to iron out all the details such as Voting procedures, Basic outline of voting process (ballots), Procedures for nominations, etc. We will send out Call for nomination right after the end of Peter de Blanc endorsement period to prevent any confusion (Sep. 11). Voting roster is in its final check to be ready for the REGIONAL Elections and GLOBAL Election. The elecion process to select three representatives to DNSO Names Council will start on September 11 and end on October 27.

(d) Outreach Activities: Campaign for Peter de Blanc for ICANN Board Position

We have sent out TWO campaign emails to those 90 ccTLDs who answered to our self-select form. The responses are not bad at all. We had 16 endorsees at the start and now we have about 42 endorsees. Still, not enough. We are only at third place. More lobbying of Names Coucil is the next step that are considering.

(e) Translation Network

Requests have been sent out to all volunteer translators for Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian. So far we've only got Spanish done by Oscar Robles (Thank you very much, Oscar) and Russian done by Maria Stepanova and her team (Thanks so much). For Japanese, Naomasa Maruyama thought that only handfull of Japanese people would read these documents and suggested that there were no need to translate. For French and Chinese, Yann Kwok and Walter Wu have replied to us and will deliver the translation documents very soon.

(f) Preparation for LA meeting

Currently there is an issue that the schedule of ccTLD meeting and GAC meeting were coincided at Yokohama. Even though GAC meeting is a close one but some government representatives are also ccTLD managers. And because of this, they can not attend both. So we are checking out the schedule from GAC and ICANN as well to see if we can arrange the schedule in LA meeting to facilitate those two-hat people. So far GAC said no schedule came out yet. Still waiting to hear from ICANN.

Lastly, please be aware of ccTLD Names Council Election during September and October.

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