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September 2000, Budget report

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16 September 2000

Written by Kanchana Kanchanasut

Budget report

Dear Colleagues:

On June 21, 2000, final results of democratically voting process (interim/) to select Interim ccTLD Secretariat has been approved by AdCom. Since then Interim ccTLD Secretariat has started the work of transferring and updating our website and organizing Yokohama meeting.

During this time we have incurred expenses which we would like to share with you all.

  1. For Yokohama meeting expenses: (not included in Interim ccTLD Secretariat Proposal budget)
    1. US$ 3,400 (collected from donation at the gate)
    2. US$ 6,659 (missing, to be completed)
                                             A total of $ 10,059 *********
  2. Monthly expense:
    Executive Director             $ 1,000
    Deputy Executive Dir.          $ 3,000
    Technical Support              $ 1,000
    Office and clerical support    $ 1,000
    Total                          $ 6,000 per month
    From July to September 15,
                         total monthly expense add up to $15,000 *********
  3. Traveling expense:
    Two-person trip to Paris on Jun 24-30, 2000          $ 3,000 *********
    (with accomdation provided by AFNIC)
  4. Equipment expense:
    One notebook                   $ 2,500
    One Printer                    $   200
                           Total equipment               $ 2,700 *********
                           Grand total (A, B, C, D)   $ 30,759 *********

Therefore, the Grand total expenses are $ 30,759 (Add A, B, C and D)

THNIC has been advancing for all above expenses and it has been a huge burden for a small registry like THNIC. So far as you all can see on funding status web page (2000.ccTLDfunding-track.html), a number ccTLDs that have already explicitly pledged or transferred money to AFNIC for donation to Secretariat:

 .VI US $  1,000 , Peter de Blanc (already received)
 .FK US $    100 , Ian Cox (already received)
 .KR US $  5,000
 .TH US $    100
 .CL US $    350
 .ID US $     50
 .JP US $  5,000
 .TV US $ 14,986.05 (already received)
 .CX US $  5,000
 .PH US $  1,000

 A TOTAL OF  32,586  USD (already received $ 16,086)

So what we have spent compare to what we are supposed to collect, we are quite even out. But the Interim ccTLD Secretariat still has three and a half month to go until December. Plus expenses to organize LA meeting in November. We probably need another 30,000 USD to survive and function well. We are tightening the expenses in every aspect.

These are all the facts we would like to share with you all.

Best regards,

Interim ccTLD Secretariat

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