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September 2000, Secretariat report

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12 October 2000

Written by Abhisak Chulya

Secretariat's activities during September 2000.

(a) NC Election

Call for Nominations by region has been sent out for NC election on September 11. Voting Procedures and Basic Outline for voting have been posted on web site. Kent Crispin, our independent Teller, tested out the procedures along with the voting ballots. By the end of Call for nominations on Sep. 24, we had only one candidate from LAC region. We have to extend the Call for nominations to Sep. 30. Unfortunately, the AFNIC server that hosted web site was down on Sep. 30. It got back to normal on Oct. 2. We decided to extend it for the second time to Oct. 4 12:00 UTC. We sent out announcement to cctld-discuss list. Right after deadline, we checked and found that all regions got one candidate and two nominators except Asia Pacific region which lacked one more nomination (the rule said we need two nominations for each candidate). At the same time, Nigel Roberts sent in his acceptance for EU region past the deadline including his second. I wrote to both Nigel Roberts and Bill Semich (Stafford Guest) informing them of our denial of their candidacy. The situation developed for Asia Pacific region when Bill Semich informed us that the second nominator for Stafford Guest was sent in and within deadline. We checked with AFNIC server and they confirmed that they did receive the nomination (Stephen Deerhake) but it's after deadline by almost one hour.

Both of them sent in acceptances and have two nominators except that it was beyond the deadline by almost one hour. We have consulted with AdCom and decided to ALLOW both Nigel Roberts and Stafford Guest to enter the NC election race. Let's the voters decide.

(b) Translation Network

We now have translations in Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese on all important documents. We are waiting for Japanese and Hindi translations. For Arabic language, we have asked .ae to help translate but no answer yet.

(c) Preparation for LA meeting

The date has been set for LA meeting and that is 12 and 13 November, full day on both days. We have contacted John Crain and Paul Kane for room allocation: a conference room for 250 people and a break-out room for 25-50 people. No confirmation yet. We also contact the Marriott directly for rooms on the 12th because ICANN did not reserve any room on Nov. 12. We got confirmation from GAC and there will be no overlap meeting with GAC which will hold a full day meeting on Nov. 14. The agenda is also sent out for review and comment. It will be finalized shortly.

(d) CENTR meeting in Lisbon

Since ccTLD Secretariat is trying to keep our expenses as low as possible, we decided to have Elisabeth representing ccTLD Secretariat in Lisbon for CENTR meeting. We have sent out an announcement right before the CENTR meeting to cctld-discuss mailing list regarding the Secretariat Expenses and Income status However, there is no resolution coming out of CENTR on Interim ccTLD Secretariat funding. But Elisabeth reported that it would be up to each CENTR member to donate to Secretariat.

(e) Web Site

Web site has been maintained by AFNIC, Elisabeth Porteneuve. For the month of September, there are a number of pages that has been updated such as Election page, Funding Status page, Main page and Translation page. Especially on Election page, we have posted the list of cctld managers of five regions that eligible for voting, Voting procedures, Basic outline for voting. We also handle the cctld-discuss mailing list. There were quite a number of people who want to subscribe and unsubscribe to this list.

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