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Progress Report for the month of November 2000

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14 December 2000

Written by Abhisak Chulya

Interim Secretariat Progress Report

November 2000

1. LA meeting in Marina del Rey on November 12 and 13.

This two-day event organized by Interim Secretariat ahead of Annual ICANN meeting in Marina del Rey has been participated by 207 registered individuals (see participant list at ../../meetings/cctld/TLD-participants-2000mdr.html). There were 46 representatives of ccTLD registries attended this meeting. Some of them represented two or three registries which make the total number of registries add up to 50 registries. And out of 50 registries, there were 31 ccTLD managers attended.

From the meeting, there are the following meeting minutes, communiqués, important draft documents and ICANN published documents:

  1. ccTLD AdCom and meeting minutes
  2. Communique and position statements
  3. Important draft documents
  4. ICANN published documents

There is also additional meeting initiated by ICANN staff: ICANN/IANA - ccTLD Administrator meeting on Nov. 14. We have compiled the minutes from this meeting at ../../meetings/cctld/20001114.ccTLD-IANA-minutes.html

Brief Expenses vs Incomes Summary Report for LA meeting:

                 $ 2,991
            Worldnames             $ 5,000
            MelbourneIT            $ 5,000
            WIPO                   $ 1,500
            eResolution            $ 1,500
            Donation at gate       $ 3,950
            Total                  $19,941
            All expenses at Courtyard by Marriott   $ 6,500 (rough figure)
            Lunch at Seafood Harbour House          $ 5,000 (rough figure)
            Expenses for staff, stationary, papers  $ 4,000 (rough figure)
            Total                                   $15,500

Therefore, at the end of this LA meeting we are in black by about $ 4,000, much better than Yokohama meeting. Thanks to all of our sponsors and donors. We really appreciate it.

2. ccTLD Root-Zone Whois Information

Interim Secretariat is now setting up our own Root-zone Whois information. All of IANA root-zone whois information have been copied to our database. The updates are being made to this information based on our compiled self-selected return forms that we received from cctld registries plus some information that gave to us directly from the registries. This work expected to be finished by December and we will ask all registries to view it and notify us if any corrections are needed. We have also coordinated with other regional organizations such as CENTR (Kevin Meynell) and AFTLD (Yann Kwok) to make sure for the correctness of this database.

3. Translations into Arabic and Korean

Translation of Best Practice, Re/Delegation, Bylaws and ICANN Services to Arabic language has been performed by Sultan Mohd Al Shamsi of .ae registry and these documents are now posted at ../../ongoing/. Many thanks to .ae registry for their contributions.

Translation of the same documents mentioned above to Korea language has also been performed by Prof. Myung Koo Kang of .kr registry or KRNIC, and these documents are now posted at ../../ongoing/. Many thanks to KRNIC for their contributions.

4. Redelegation of .ca, .us and .um

In November we have received three redelation news. The first one is from .us, Zita Wenzel. There will be an administrative change for .us and Zita will no longer be part of it. We will miss her. The new administrator is not finalized yet. The second one is from .um (US Minor Islands) which is under the same situation as .us. The third one is .ca (Canada). Louis Touton of ICANN has informed the Names Council that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) was formed to assume responsibility from the University of British Columbia for operation of the .ca (Canada) country-code top-level domain. IANA prepared a report to US Department of Commerce for approval and this report is posted at

5. Outreach Activities

On October 22, 2000, ccTLD Constituency and APTLD have a joint meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. Our AdCom Chair, Peter de Blanc and AdCom member representing Asia Pacific, Peter Dengate Thrush attended this meeting. Interim Secretariat has compiled a report of this meeting at ../../meetings/joint/20001022.ccTLD-APTLD.html. One of the key issues that came out is the collaboration on the outreach activities. AP*, APTLD, KRNIC and ccTLD will collaborate in term of personnel, traveling expenses and schedules to set up Internet Seminar and Awareness with volunteer speakers from different countries. This program will start in January of 2001 and will dispatch speakers to the countries that have not participated and/or have needs to stimulate the awareness of Internet usage. The focus will initially be in Asia Pacific including those south Pacific countries as well. If this program is successful, ccTLD will extend this into other regions, like LAC and Africa.

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