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ICANN First Nominating Committee

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ICANN 2: First Nominating Committee

From: Elisabeth Porteneuve 
Subject: [cctld-discuss] Re: [cctld-adcom] FW: ICANN Nom.Cmte Posts Call
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 09:44:35 +0200 (MET DST)

Here is a brief summary on ICANN Nominating Committee.

Elisabeth Porteneuve

In early June 2003, the NomCom expects to make its final selection for individuals to serve the 19 Terms of Duty that are associated with the following 16 positions:

  • 8 seats on the ICANN Board of Directors,
  • 5 seats on the Interim ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee), and
  • 3 seats on the GNSO (Generic Names Supporting Organization) Council.

The selection of seats on the ccNSO and ASO are not included in that call.

  1. The Nominating Committee is composed of 22 personnes, cf ICANN Bylaws
  2. Those are:

  3. The current Nominating Committee members are listed at:
  4. Here is a more precise list, indicating a country of origin and an organization which elected the NomCom person:

    1. Christian Ahlert (Germany and UK, ALAC)
    2. Mark Bohannon (USA, IntellectualProperty, GNSO)
      have been representing the US DoC at RSSAC in 1999 cf. indicates for 2002:
      Mark Bohannon General Counsel and Senior Vice President Public Policy Software and Information Industry Association,
    3. Leopoldo Brandt (Venezuela, ALAC)
    4. Pavan Duggal (India, ALAC)
    5. Brett Fausett (USA, ALAC, lawyer,
    6. Grant Forsyth (New Zealand, Business, GNSO and GNSO Council)
    7. Henning Grote (Germany, Registrar, GNSO)
    8. Don Heath (USA, GNSO, Registries)
      former President and CEO of ISOC, bio at
    9. Didier Kasole (Democratic Republic of Congo, ALAC)
    10. Ram Mohan (USA, NON-voting, SSAC - Security Advisory Committee)
      he is from Afilias
    11. Mike Roberts (USA, Business, GNSO, initial President and CEO of ICANN)
    12. Mike St. Johns (USA, IETF)
    13. Anthony Staley (Australia, politician, member to Liberal Party, affiliated to .au, nominated by the Board to represent ccTLDs, non elected by ccTLDs)
    14. Marc Schneiders (The Netherlands, NCUC GNSO)
    15. Antonio Tavares (Brazil, affiliated to .br, ISP, GNSO)
    16. German Valzdez (Mexico, affiliated to .mx, ASO)
    17. Danny Weitzner (USA, TechLG) says:
      Director of the World Wide Web Consortium's Technology and Society activities. ...
    18. Christopher Wilkinson NON-voting (European Commission, Secretariat GAC)
    19. Linda Wilson (Chair) NON-voting (USA, ICANN Board Director)
    20. Pindar Wong (Associate Chair) NON-voting (Hongkong, former ICANN Board Director)
    21. As of 5 April 2003 - Missing: NON-voting from RSSAC
    22. As of 5 April 2003 - Missing: VOTING from Universities

  5. The distribution of Nominating Committee members by regions:
  6. The distribution of VOTING only by regions:

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