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Press Release

Paris, June 30, 2000

One year after the establishment of ccTLD Constituency, the ccTLD joint Secretariat will begin its functions as of July 3, 2000. In June 2000 the ccTLD Constituency resolved to establish its Interim Secretariat, and the ccTLD Administrative Committee requested Kanchana Kanchanasut from Thailand, the new Executive Director, to start the Interim ccTLD Secretariat activity immediately. Kanchana Kanchanasut and her team, Abhisak Chulya and Sirin Palasri, will be operating from their Bangkok-based office. Technical and financial operations as well as other secretariat responsibilities will be shared by AFNIC, Elisabeth Porteneuve.

The Interim ccTLD Secretariat can now be contacted at Information and anouncements from the ccTLD Secretariat can be accessed at either or (two names for the same site).

Immediate plans for the ccTLD joint Secretariat is to revise ccTLD records and prepare for the forth coming Administrative Committee election in August/September:

About ccTLD Constituency

The ccTLD Constituency of the Domain Name Supporting Organization has been established after the ICANN Berlin Meeting in May 1999. Members of the Constituency are the country code Top Level Domain Registries as recorded in ICANN/IANA database. The ccTLD Constituency is managed by an elected and geographically diverse Administrative Committee.

The ccTLD Secretariat is a contact point of the Constituency and is operating under the guidance of the Administrative Committee.

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