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3 August 2000

Prof. Kilnam Chon replaced by Mr. Peter Dengate-Thrush

On 18 July 2000, the APTLD Meeting elected Prof. Hualin Qian from China as the new APTLD Chair for one year (2000.7-2001.7) with Mr. Peter Dengate-Thrush from New Zealand as Senior Vice Chair.

Subsequently, Prof. Kilnam Chon from Korea, the AdCom delegate from Asia Pacific region requested to be replaced on the Administrative Commitee by Mr. Peter Dengate-Thrush.

The ccTLD Constituency expresses its gratitude for all the difficult work Prof. Kilnam Chon did for the ccTLD, for his tremendous efforts to keep the Constituency as an existing body, working and moving forward.

Alternate AdCom Members selected for AsiaPac and NorthA

The Alternate AdCom delegate for the Asia Pacific region is Prof. Hualin Qian from China.

The Alternate AdCom delegate for the North America region is Dr. Zita Wenzel from the USA.

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