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31 August 2000

Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay replaced by Patricio Poblete

(AdCom Member election announcement from LACTLD site):

Last 3 weeks, LACTLD held the Adcom Member Election, which may be revised in

After a Nomination period we received four nominations, but just two were actual candidates. We sent a request for nominations to 34 ccTLDs in LAC region, and the election ballot was sent to 25 ccTLDs, 20 LACTLD members plus 5 more ccTLDs who have expressed their willingness to be included in LAC region

The results shows that our new representatives in the Administrative Committe will be:

Electoral Committee

The ccTLD Constituency expresses its gratitude for all the difficult work Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay did for the ccTLD, for his very positive and supportive efforts to keep the Constituency as an existing body, working and moving forward.

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