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3 March 2002

Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah (.my) replaces Hualin Qian (.cn)

From: "Byung-Kyu Kim"
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:44:30 +0900

Dear AdCom:

Since the last APTLD meeting in Bankok, the APTLD Board Chair was changed from Hualin Qian(.cn) to Ramesh(.my), so I have changed the mailing list on the current cctld-adcom list. Also I've replaced Bernard Turcotte with Zita for North America. And I have removed an email list of the IATLD's representative.

So here is the current cctld-adcom list. Two from each region. We may need one alternate from Africa. Yann, could you recommend and confirm who will be the alternate from Africa ?

18 March 2002

Bernard Turcotte (.ca) replaces Zita Wenzel (.us)

Charles Musisi (.ug), new Alternate from Africa

From: "Yann Kwok"
Subject: Re: [cctld-adcom] AdCom mailing list (updated)
CC: Charles Musisi
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 21:05:19 +0400


You can put Charles Musisi (.ug ccTLD Manager) as alternate for Africa.

Thank you,

- y

Antony van Couvering (IATLD) leave AdCom

Many thanks to Hualin Quian, Zita Wenzel and Antony van Couvering for their work at AdCom.

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