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Communiqué from Montréal meeting

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Communiqué of the African Top Level Domain Organisation ("AfTLD")

Montréal - 25 June 2003

The members of the African Top Level Domain organisation AfTLD present at the Montreal ICANN meeting met on June 23nd 2003 and expressed their full support to the ccNSO formation process proposed by the ICANN Board Evolution and Reform Committee. In addition, support was obtained from certain members who were not present by way of the AfTLD list.

The proposals followed the significant effort of the Country Code Names Support Organisation Assistance Group, in which two Africans, Pierre Ouedraogo and Michael Katundu participated. AFTLD members present in Montreal further expressed their in principle support for the proposed ccNSO Bylaws that have been circulated for comment. While recognising that certain issues are in the process of being resolved, the AfTLD members present appreciate the ERC's willingness to discuss the outstanding contentious issues in such Bylaws and to work towards consensus.

They made further comments on the following two points:

The AfTLD members congratulate all concerned for the progress that has lead to a reaching of consensus in the ccTLD community.

AfTLD announces to the ccTLD community that they will hold an AfTLD general assembly prior to the ICANN meeting in Tunis in October 2003.

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