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Sent: 26 November 2003 10:35
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Subject: APTLD Communique - Wellington 23-Nov-2003

The following communique was agreed upon by the APTLD Board on  23th
November  2003 at the APTLD Meeting in Wellington.
 Would appreciate publication/ posting at the appropriate fora.

Thanks and regards,
Joanna Tso
APTLD Secretariat

APTLD Wellington Communiqué

23 November 2003

APTLD members from Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Niue, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and observers met in Wellington on 23 November, 2003.

Members noted with approval that the technical workshops conducted on the previous two days had been a success. Members also agreed to continue organizing such workshops in conjunction with future meetings. APTLD thanked all the presenters and the organizers for their contributions.

The Board completed strategic planning for 2004 and agreed on the financial plan, meeting schedule, Committee structure and other work plans. 2004 will be a very busy year for APTLD with an active sponsorship program to encourage new members, Board election for half of the Board, technical workshops and the appointment of a new secretariat among other things.

The Board was pleased to admit Tokelau as an ordinary member, and CENTR as the first APTLD Observer.

In addition to APTLD matters, there were informative reports on the formation of ccNSO by Chris Disspain, and the At-large activity in the AP region and the recent ICANN Carthage Meeting by Ching Chiao.

The Board thank InternetNZ for hosting a wonderful meeting in Wellington, and the hospitality extended to all the members.

Signed by:
APTLD Acting Chairman: Peter Dengate Thrush

Members of the Board: Chan-ki Park, Chris Disspain, Richard St. Clair, Shariya Haniz Zulkifli, Vincent WS Chen and Yumi Ohashi.

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