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Vacancy: wwTLD Secretariat

Posted 7 September 2003

Initial term: 8 weeks contract, starting immediately.

Created in 1998 and funded by country code top level domain registries (ccTLDs), the World Wide Alliance of Top Level Domain-names registries (wwTLD) provides a forum to professional information exchange and to discuss technical and policy matters affecting ccTLDs. The wwTLD organize ccTLD meetings and trainings, usually within ICANN frame. We also collect information and document the practices of ccTLDs, coordinate collaborative efforts of translations when necessary, and are promoting and encouraging the provision of better professional services for users amongst ccTLDs world wide.

The Rules of Procedure for the Administration Committee of the wwTLD define role of the AdCom and of the wwTLD Secretariat.

We are looking for a wwTLD Secretariat.

Initially we offer a short term (8 weeks) contract. The ccTLD meetings in Carthage, Tunisia, end of October 2003, will address longer term position.

Reporting to the Administration Committee, the primary duties will include:

  1. Organizing meetings and trainings for ccTLD managers in conjunction with ICANN ones.
  2. Getting sponsors for meetings and training seminars.
  3. Drafting agendas, coordinating with speakers. Drafting summary of meetings. Providing documents for meetings when appropriate.
  4. Coordinating with regional ccTLD organizations. Assisting in gathering and documenting information on registry policies and practices.
  5. Giving wwTLD's Secretariat reports of activity at international meetings.
  6. Publishing ccTLD documents on the website.

The function requires:

  1. Education to degree level.
  2. Enthusiastic self-starter.
  3. Solid technical foundation in computer communications and the Internet. The wwTLD uses mailing lists and its website to communicate and publish information.
  4. Proven ability in TCP/IP and DNS, with a good understanding of UNIX and HTML. A good knowledge in preparing HTML documents for UNIX website and organizing them within the website.
  5. A good command of written and spoken English.
  6. Good communication and organisational skills.
  7. Capability to work under stress, long hours during meetings.

There are no conditions on place of work of the individual operating the wwTLD Secretariat function, it might be an office within regional ccTLD organization, it might be a home office.


Applications should be sent only electronically to

Closing date for this vacancy is the 10 September 2003.

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