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IANA information for ccTLD

How to update IANA database, lack of IANA whois

IANA Function mandate - Purchase Order from the US Government

Mandate for IANA Function operated by ICANN, starting 9 February 2000

IANA Function performed by ICANN

Operations of IANA Function by ICANN

IANA blackmails ccTLD Managers and put Internet stability in danger

FAQ on TLD access zone, 4 Sep 2002, unacceptable to the ccTLD Managers
LACTLD comments on Zone Transfers, 19 Sep 2002
CENTR Comments on ICANN Zone Access Policy, 26 Sep 2002
Names Council resolutions, 1 Oct 2002
APTLD comments on Zone Access Policy, 26 Oct 2002

13 Root Servers

Location of 13 Root Servers

Domain Names Registration

Registration in gTLD and ccTLD space

ICANN Reform in 2002

Links to ICANN Reform related documents and ccTLD postion papers
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