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19 August 2000

Written by Abhisak Chulya


1. NC Election and ICANN BOD Election
2. Funding:
- ccTLD Secretariat
3. WGs:
- By-Laws
- Best Practices and Redelegations
4. LA Meeting
5. Other business

AdCom members:

Peter de Blanc, Chairman
Patricio Poblete
Bill Semich (for Peter D. Thrush)


Elisabeth Porteuneu
Kanchana Kanchanasut
Abhisak Chulya (Reporteur)

1. NC Election and ICANN BoD Election

a) ICANN BoD Election: Patricio urged all of us to organize a support for nominees to be elect to ICANN BoD because the time was running out. The conclusion is ccTLD Secretariat will gather all the support for Peter de Blanc or other candidate from our constituency to be on ICANN board. Chairman suggested to get more response from the Constituency. ccTLD Secretariat will put out an email to support the nominees and ask for consensus support from ccTLDs. Elisabeth suggested to contact all the Names Council for their supports.

b) Schedule of NC election:

        Aug. 21-Sep. 3 Communicate with regional organizations
        Sep. 4- Sep. 17 Call for Nomination, Campaign and Discussion
                        (Either by regional organization/secretariat)
        Sep. 17-Sep. 24 Call for Secondary Election by region (1 week)
        Sep.  24 - Oct. 1  Five candidates posted
        Oct.  2 -OCT.13  Call for Primary Election
        Oct. 14 AdCom approve the result of the election
        Oct. 15 Publish results on ccTLD web site.

Discussion is on regional or Secondary election whether to let each region organization such as APTLD, CENTR, AFTLD or LATLD conduct the election themselves to come up with one candidate for each region. The problem is these organizations do not yet represent its own region as a whole. For example, APTLD represents only 20 countries in Asia Pacific out of 47 countries (approximate). Therefore, ccTLD Secretariat will have to do this regional election. To conduct Secondary and Primary elections, we need to have an Independent teller. The meeting decided to ask Kent Crispin to be a teller first. If he declines, we will ask the next person on the list. Elisabeth thinks Kent is a very good candidate for a teller because he is technical person with good UNIX expereriences and very neutral because he does not represent or have any relationship with any ccTLDs. There is no objection or changes on the schedule.

c) Term of Names Council: After a debate, Chairman suggested to go with a two-year term for this NC election and deal with the issue later if we want to go with staggered term. No objection.

d) Voting roster: Concern for this election for voting roster is the administrative contact in IANA database. If there is any changes in this database, it will have to do through ICANNŐs Louis Touton who is in charge of this database. The meeting recommended to send an email to Louis to ask for his collaboration to update IANA database so that we can conduct a fair NC election. ccTLD Secretariat should also send notice to all ccTLD registries that have updated information to contact Louis Touton. Email to Louis Touton should be posted on the ccTLD-discuss list as well.

e) Voting System: The voting system to be used in this election for both Secondary and Primary election will be First-Past-The-Post system.

2. Funding:

The total amount of contribution to ICANN is 143,000 USD, not including CENTR contribution of 600,000 USD. As for contribution to ccTLD Sectariat, dot TV has contributed 15,000 USD. Chairman asked whether we have received money from dot TV for both contribution to ICANN and ccTLD Secretariat. The answer is NO. The meeting suggested Secretariat to write to big ccTLD organizations like JPNIC or TW for contribution.

There is also a discussion about sponsorship from Private Companies to fund the meeting cost and overheads in LA. It is believed that ccTLDs can accept these sponsorships. It is also suggested that these Private Companies be more international. Booths for these companies can be set up during two days meeting in LA in return for the sponsorships. Peter de Blanc and Bill Semich will help contacting these companies.

There is an issue on funding to Interim ccTLD Secretariat. Dennis Jennings and Fay Howard sent emails to ccTLD-discuss and ccTLD-sec mailing list stating that there is no consensus on 5% for Interim and 10% for permanent Secretariat of ICANN contribution even though it stated clearly in Minutes of Plenary meeting on July 13, 2000 of Yokohama meeting. Chairman confirmed that the Minutes was correct. There is no need to change. It is simply a voluntary donation to fund the interim ccTLD secretariat, and a number of ccTLDs have made their individual pledges to do so. There is no consensus, or vote on those contributions. Even if there was a consensus, or vote, there would always be some ccTLDs who could not afford to contribute, or would not contribute regardless. The conclusion is there will be no change on the Minutes and we shall go ahead accordingly.

3. WGs: No discussion

4. LA Meeting

From the experiece in Yokohama, some people have to sit in some working groups which they had nothing to do with. Chairman recommended that LA Meeting have a break-out room for those working groups. ccTLD Secretatiat will contact local organization to arrange for the break-out rooms. Therefore, there will be some minor changes in the Agenda but the format will be the same.

Format: Two days, Plenary Meeting, Working Groups, follow with Plenary Meeting and close with Workshop.

Proposed Agenda:

12 November 2000
0900-1030: Plenary Meeting
1100-1200: ICANN services WG
1300-1500: Best Practices & Re-delegation WG
1530-1800: Best Practices & Re-delegation WG

13 November 2000
0900-1030: Funding & Bylaws WG
1030-1200: Plenary Meeting
1300-1500: Plenary Meeting (continue)
1530-1800: Workshop

5. AOB

There are two issues: UDRP (method established by WIPO work) and UDRP-service providers (WIPO, International Chamber of Commerce, CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, Consortium and The National Arbitration Forum). Elisabeth suggested that we have a break-out session for these service providers at LA meeting. It could be for only 15 minutes session for each to speak about UDRP adaptation to ccTLD case. Chairman agreed that it was a good idea to have diversity. Therefore, there will be a break-out session for UDRP.

Meeting adjourn at 15:00 UTC

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