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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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20 June 2001 Time: 8:00 - 10:00 AM EST (New York)

Meeting Chaired by: Peter de Blanc
Minute Written by: Abhisak Chulya

Peter de Blanc (.vi, North American AdCom and Names Council)
Peter Dengate Thrush (.nz, Asia Pacific AdCom)
Patricio Poblete (.cl, Latin American and Caribbean AdCom)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (.fr, European Names Council)
Nigel Roberts (.gg, European AdCom)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director of ccTLD Secretariat)
Abhisak Chulya (Deputy Executive Director of ccTLD Secretariat)

Yann Kwok (.mu, African AdCom)
Antony Van Couvering (IATLD, AdCom)


1. Process to endorse ccTLD Best Practice Document

In Stockholm, members of ccTLD community had modified ccTLD Best Practice Document to make it more acceptable to those ccTLD managers who voted against it. Now this document must be vote again.

This time the meeting agreed that informal voting may not be a good idea.

Therefore, AdCom members decided to have a formal voting. AdComs requested ccTLD Sec. to conduct a formal vote online with the following procedures:

2. Process to find consensus from ccTLD community on ccSO

As we know that in Stockholm ccTLD managers voted to accept this motion: 20010531.Stockholm-summary.html "Draft of the process of formation of a cc Support Organization be adopted" with the unanimous votes of 31 and no oppose and no abstention. In order to find a strong consensus from the whole ccTLD community, AdComs decided to have a formal voting with purpose of getting majority consensus, not electoral. AdComs also decided to have a separate voting from Best Practice Document. The voting period will be from 29 June 2001 to 8 July 2001 Midnight UTD (10 days). The same procedures as in 1) will be used.

Ten items on ccSO formation will be included in the ballot as well for completeness.

3. Bylaws

Bylaws document had now been modified to some certain points. Since we were talking about new ccSO, Peter de Blanc asked Peter Dengate Thrush to look into Bylaws of other organizations and review them and propose to ccTLD community. The issues that may relate to the content of Bylaws were also discussed as follow:

There is no conclusion at these points

4. AOB

  1. Cost of Teleconferencing: In the past, Peter de Blanc of .vi helped arrange and sponsor the bridging cost of AdCom teleconf. But now ccTLD Sec. is permanently established. The meeting agreed that ccTLD Sec. should handle and pay for teleconferencing cost. However, Elisabeth Porteneuve of .fr offered to arrange the next three teleconferences for ccTLD Sec.
  2. Next AdCom teleconference will be on July 27 and Aug. 22, 2001.
  3. AdComs approved that ccTLD meeting in Montevideo would be on 6 and 7 September 2001.
  4. AdComs did not approve ccTLD Sec. staff to be in Marina del Ray according to invitation by Herbert Vitzthum, ICANN ccTLD Liaison, on July 9 and 10. The reasons were
    • cost and time,
    • we always met four times a year anyway,
    • if we need to know ICANN staff more, we could meet in November during ICANN meeting.

Meeting adjourn at 10:00 am EST New York Time.

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