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10 Oct. 2001, 7:00 AM New York Eastern Standard Time

Chaired by: Peter de Blanc
Written by: Abhisak Chulya

Peter de Blanc (AdCom/Names Council, North America)
Peter Dengate Thrush (AdCom, Asia Pacific)
Patricio Poblete (AdCom, Latin America and Caribbean)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council, Europe)
Yann Kwok (AdCom, Africa)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director)
Abhisak Chulya (Deputy Executive Director)

Nigel Roberts (AdCom, Europe)
Antony Van Couvering (AdCom, IATLD)
Oscar Robles Garay (Names Council, Latin America and Caribbean)

Discussion Topics:

1. ccTLD Network of Secondary Servers:

Peter de Blanc brought up the ccTLD Network of Secondary Servers issue, saying that we should go forward with the so-called "ccTLD next-generation server cluster" as an experiment.

A small committee will be set up to explore the possibility of setting up a cluster of ccTLD secondary servers. This is not an alternate root. Elisabeth Porteneuve will head this committee and Yann Kwok has volunteered to assist her, together with a few technical people.

Peter de Blanc suggested to take an opportunity in Marina del Rey to discuss more on this topic, which will correspond with the Security and Stability issues that ICANN wants to focus.

Yann Kwok expressed his concerns regarding the proper security with the ICANN meeting itself. Also, we should be in touch with the root Consortium.

Peter de Blanc felt that all ccs must be involved in this matter.

2. ccSO Formation:

Peter Dengate Thrush explained that he had not come up with any ccSO proposals or documents because he was waiting to talk to CENTR.

Elisabeth Porteneuve pointed out that there was a CENTR legal group meeting in Salzburg. This meeting had discussions on ccSO membership and the voting scheme. Should it be one cc one vote? What is the role of Regional Organizations such as CENTR, APTLD, AFTLD or LACTLD? These topics were discussed intensively at this meeting. There will be another meeting called ccSO Task Force held on 16 October 2001 in Frankfurt headed by Sabine Dolderer. Elisabeth Porteneuve suggested Peter Dengate Thrush to attend this meeting. If Peter Dengate Thrush is not able to attend, he will prepare a ccTLD version of the ccSO Principles document before 16 October and send it out to CENTR discuss list so that this Task Force may look into it as an alternative view.

Peter Dengate Thrush proposed the idea that other regional groups sign MOU to form the ccSO. He felt that this would make the ccSO look more like an international body and allow regional organizations to have clear roles in the ccSO.

He pointed out that Roger Cochetti of Verisign was trying hard now to form an SO (Verisign Proposal by David Johnson )
following Mike Robert's Proposal (Mike Robert's Proposal ).

Elisabeth Porteneuve cautioned that if we do not pay close attention, ICANN staff would get more power from the restructuring of ICANN.

Peter de Blanc pointed out that Verisign was very quick to set up Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).

The meeting agreed that the ccSO should have a limited list of certain policy binding to the ccTLD and Naming Policy, for IDN should be one of them. However, Peter Dengate Thrush expressed his concerns that to what level ccTLDs can accept, regarding this issue, that they would be bound to.

3. Other Issues:

  1. Peter Dengate Thrush suggested that we should invite other constituencies to address questions, to take part with them, and to hear their concerns during Marina del Rey meeting. Otherwise, we may lose their support. Elisabeth Porteneuve proposed to have one or two hours on this issue in the agenda and allow anyone to listen in.
  2. ccTLD Agreement should be discussed in Marina del Rey. The meeting agreed to use the Canadian Contract and ccTLD Draft Agreement as a starting point,not the ICANN proposed draft agreements that were posted right before Montevideo meeting.
  3. Peter Dengate Thrush proposed to have a UDRP session run by Rainbow of APTLD in Marina del Rey meeting.
  4. Patricio Poblete opposed to those country protection for .info proposed by GAC in Montevideo. He said that we should not have this Exclusion list. Elisabeth Porteneuve also gave her opinion on this issue.
  5. Peter Dengate Thrush proposed that AdCom should give clear guidelines to the ccTLD Names Council for NC Teleconf.
  6. Peter Dengate Thrush suggested to the ccTLD Secretariat to improve on
    1. Website,
    2. Meeting room in Marina del Rey, and
    3. Quality of English on Reports and Minutes.
    He also asked Elisabeth Porteneuve to write the Office Rules for ccTLD Secretariat.
  7. Elisabeth Porteneuve has nominated Peter Dengate Thrush to replace herself as a ccTLD Constituency Representative in Names Council Task Force on ICANN Structure. Peter Dengate Thrush accepted.

4. Marina del Rey meeting DRAFT agenda (*)

AdCom members have drafted the following ccTLD meeting Agenda:

Day One, Sunday, 11 Nov. ccTLD Constituency Meeting

08:00 - 09:00 Registration and Welcome

09:00 - 12:30 Plenary Session 1

1.1 ccSO Formation Discussion - Policy, memberships, voting scheme, IDN

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 18:00 Plenary Session 2

2.1 ccSO Formation Discussion - Next Generation Root Server

Day two, Monday, 12 Nov. ccTLD Constituency Meeting

09:00 - 12:30 Plenary Session 3

3.1 ccTLD Agreement with ICANN

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00 - 18:00 Plenary Session 4

4.1 Open Forum with other constituencies (two hours)
4.2 UDRP by Rainbow of APTLD
4.3 ccTLDs participate in GAC meeting
4.4 Draft of Communique
4.5 AOB

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 AM EDT.

(*) Note: The agenda is just a DRAFT. It is put here for the sake of AdCom teleconference minutes.

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