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15 December 2001 UTC 12:00

Chaired by: Peter de Blanc
Written by: Abhisak Chulya and ByungKyu Kim

Peter de Blanc (AdCom and Names Council, North America - .vi)
Peter Dengate Thrush (AdCom, Asia Pacific - .nz)
Patricio Poblete (AdCom, Latin America and Caribbean - .cl)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council, Europe - .fr)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director)
Abhisak Chulya (Deputy Executive Director)

Yann Kwok (AdCom, Africa - .mu)
Nigel Roberts (AdCom, Europe - .gg)
Oscar Robles (Names Council, Latin America - .mx)

Discussion Topics:

1. ccTLD Secretariat

  1. Secretariat Funding

    BK Kim reported the status of the ccTLD Secretariat's budget. The amount in the bank account is approximately USD 20,000, in which DNSO contribution is included. Currently, the ccTLD Secretariat awaits payments from 2 sponsors for MdR meeting (Basic Fusion and and contributions from several countries. The payment for MdR meeting expenses hasn't been made yet due to the invoice from Marriott not arriving. We hope to receive the payments as soon as possible.

  2. Abhisak Chulya's pay for April 2001

    The Interim Secretariat closed its FY in March 2001 and the Permanent Secretariat started from 4 May 2001. There was a significant one-month gap between the Interim Secretariat and the Permanent Secretariat. Although, there was not an Interim Secretariat or a Permanent Secretariat, there were secretariat works done at this period. Therefore, it was approved by AdCom that Abhisak will receive the amount transferred from the Interim Secretariat to the Permanent Secretariat, which is $678, and the equal amount ($678) from the Permanent Secretariat as a contribution, for a total amount of $1356, for his services for that one-month gap (April).

2. ccSO Formation

Peter Dengate Thrush agreed to help finish the ccSO Proposal by the Christmas holiday season. Once it is done, Secretariat will circulate it on the discuss list for a wider distribution and put it on the website for members only. The Adcom suggested putting the timetable for people to respond to this proposal.

3. ccTLD Liaison Officers

AdCom has suggested the list of possible candidates for Liaison Officers:

  1. Business Constituency - Mr. Naomasa Maruyama,
  2. ISP Constituency - Ms. Eva Frölich,
  3. Non-Commercial Constituency - pending
  4. gTLD Constituency - Mr. Peter Dengate Thrush,
  5. Registrar Constituency - Mr. Bill Semich,
  6. IP Constituency - pending
  7. PSO and ASO - pending

The complete lists will be updated on the ccTLD website -

4. Names Council Task Force on Transfers

There was no objection to nominate Mr. Rick Shera, Vice President of InternetNZ, to Names Council Task Force on Transfers.

5. IANA Requests

BK Kim has informed the meeting about a new web page to track IANA requests and that he has sent out an announcement to the discuss list to inform all ccTLD managers to keep the Secretariat updated on any changes on the IANA database.

Elisabeth Porteneuve has been worked with CENTR as a WG chair to study on IANA issues and to deal with this matter as well.

You may visit the site at and the mailing list is . The mail archive is on . If you have any comments, please contact the ccTLD Secretariat at .

6. Future meetings

Meeting dates for CENTR Paris meeting (21-22 February 2002) and APTLD Bangkok meeting (3 March 2002) were noted. Joint participation by some people would be desirable to coordinate the ccTLD position on a number of topics before the ICANN meeting in Ghana (10-14 March 2002).

Meeting adjourn at 1:30 PM (UTC)

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