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07 February 2002 at 22:00 UTC

Chaired by: Peter de Blanc
Written by: Seung Yeon Yoo

Peter de Blanc (AdCom and Names Council, North America - .vi)
Yann Kwok (AdCom, Africa
Patricio Poblete (AdCom, Latin America and Caribbean - .cl)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council, Europe - .fr)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director)
Seung Yeon Yoo (Administrative staff)

Discussion Topics:

1. ccSO

The ccTLD AdCom would like to discuss the final details of the ccSO in the next ccTLD Meeting in Accra, Ghana (March 2002) and submit a proposal to ICANN.

The ccSO document (proposal) is critical and important. Peter Dengate Thrush, who had volunteered to come up with a ccSO proposal, has not done so and the AdCom decided to look for an alternative way to come up with the ccSO document.

It may be done so by looking for Peter Dengate Thrush or by nominating a candidate who can prepare the ccSO document. It was decided that the AdCom each think of an appropriate person, a lawyer or someone who is in the legal field, who can prepare the ccso documents.

Meanwhile, Peter de Blanc offered to gather any preliminary documents Peter Dengate Thrush had done on the ccSO proposal.

The ccSO proposal is past due the timeline the ccTLDs had set up so it is critical that the AdCom find an alternative way to produce the ccTLD document before the Accra, Ghana meeting, to have efficient discussions among the ccTLD managers. Worries on the possibility of low attendance in Ghana were expressed.

2. ccTLD Meeting in Accra, Ghana

The next ccTLD Meeting will be held in Accra, Ghana, on 10-11th of March, 2002. The AdCom member from the Africa Region, Yann Kwok, will chair the meeting. Other possible agenda items for the Accra, Ghana meeting were discussed and it was decided that the AdCom will each come up with additional possible agenda items.

2.1 IDN

Elisabeth Porteneuve suggested International Domain Names to be in the agenda, since it is an issue that is being focused on by IANA and it would be useful for the ccTLDs to have information on it. Elisabeth Porteneuve would give briefings on issues of IDN and ICANN policies toward IDN. It was suggested that BK Kim arrange for a briefing on the issues of IDN in the AP area.

2.2 Contracts

Although there may be no progress in the issues of contracts with ICANN, AdCom decided to add contracts in the agenda item. Elisabeth Porteneuve informed AdCom that CENTR was visiting ICANN to discuss the contracts and therefore may have some briefings from the CENTR. Currently, CENTR and ICANN haven't reached any agreements. Patricio Poblete also informed the group that there will be a Latin America-ICANN Meeting in Miami. Peter de Blanc also suggested asking .CA for any inputs on their progress in the contracts. There were some discussions whether a contract with ICANN is needed or not. An example of a ccTLD Administrator in Latin America being weakened without a contract was given and worries of ICANN wanting the ccTLD DB for progress towards the contract was expressed. Patricio Poblete suggested inviting the person in charge of the contracts with the ccTLDs in ICANN, Theresa Swinehart, to speak about ICANN's view and approaches regarding this issue.


Information on changes of the IANA DB and observations of changes being made by ICANN may be given at the Ghana meeting. Discussions on awareness of the ccTLD managers to take care their registries and avoid various problems they may have when starting a contract with a foreign company. Also, a brief report on Tracking IANA DB can be prepared by the ccTLD Secretariat.

In the AFTLD meeting to be held in Ghana, DRP resolutions would be discussed and technical issues will be postponed until the AFNOG meeting in May.

It was suggested that Theresa Swinehart give a presentation of ICANN's position over root server authority. The AdCom may provide questions and topics for Theresa Swinehart to cover.

2.4 Funding

ICANN funding FY 2002 should be discussed. The ICANN Budget Committee may give a report and have discussions on how to proceed or figure out other options regarding the funding issue. option, such as having a separate bank account for ICANN contributions.

3. The date for the AFTLD meeting in Accra, Ghana needs to be finalized.

The AFTLD meeting may integrate with the ccTLD meeting if there are common subjects to discuss.

4. Draft ccTLD meeting Agenda

Meeting Place: Bugum Room, La Palm Beach Hotel

Day One, Sunday, 10 March 2002 (Chaired by Yann Kwok)

8:30-9:00 Registration

9:00-12:00 Plenary Session 1

1.1 ccSO discussion

  • Discussion on ccSO proposal
  • Report from Liaison Officers
  • Comment from other ICANN Communities

12:00-13:30 Lunch (sponsored by

13:30-18:00 Plenary Session 2

2.1 Funding

  • ICANN Funding FY 2002
  • Report from ccTLD ICANN Budget 2002-2003 Committee Hartmut Glaser (LatinAm and Car), Sabine Dolderer (Europe), Bernard Turcotte (North Am)
  • DNSO funding FY 2001
  • ccTLD Secretariat Funding

Day Two, Monday, 11 March 2002 (Chaired by Yann Kwok)

8:30-9:00 Registration (a light breakfast, sponsored by BasicFusion)

9:00-12:00 Plenary Session 3

3.1 IDN

  • Presentations from ICANN IDN Committee (IDN Committee/TFT)
  • Presentations form Language Communities
  • Discussions on IDN issues


  • Tracking IANA DB Update (report by ccTLD Secretariat)
  • Root Server Authority update from ICANN (ICANN Staff)

12:00-13:30 Lunch

13:30-18:00 Plenary Session 4

4.1 ICANN Contract

  • Report from CENTR (CENTR)
  • ICANN's perspective on contracts (ICANN Staff)

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