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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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06 June 2002 at 12:00 UTC

Chaired by: Nigel Roberts
Written by: Seung-Yeon Yoo and Abhisak Chulya

Patricio Poblete (Latin America - Caribbean Region) (noted as PP)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council) (noted as EP)
Nigel Roberts (European Region) (noted as NR)
Peter Dengate Thrush (Asia-Pacific Region) (noted as PDT)
Bernard Turcotte (alternate, N. American region) (noted as BT)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat) (noted as BK)
Seung-Yeon Yoo (Administrative staff, ccTLD Secretariat)
Abhisak Chulya (Deputy Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat)

Peter de Blanc (N. American region)
Yann Kwok (African Region)
Oscar Robles (Names Council)

0. Last AdCom teleconference minutes:


I. Action Points arising from the Adcom Teleconference, 6 June 2002

  1. 20020606-A
    Secretariat: Contact and set schedule with the GAC Secretariat

  2. 20020606-B
    AdCom: Come up with 3-4 persons as candidates for the discussion leader of the joint session with GAC

  3. 20020606-C
    Secretariat: Forward the proposed candidates of discussion leaders to the GAC

  4. 20020606-D
    BT: Come up with information on Ken Flocker

  5. 20020606-E
    PDT: Confer with Young Eum Lee and agree a plan for item 3 and report back as soon as possible.

  6. 20020606-F
    Secretariat: Amend the agenda according to the comments made at the teleconference. Further discussions would continue on the Adcom mailing list.

  7. 20020606-G
    Secretariat: Contact the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform and invite them to the ccTLD meeting

  8. 20020606-H
    PDT: Draft a letter to the Names Council regarding the membership of the ccTLD constituency

  9. 20020606-I
    AdCom & PDT: Encourage the regional associations produce a preliminary comment on 'CNSO' in relations to the ccTLDs, in advance of the Bucharest meeting (24-25 June), see

  10. 20020606-J
    BK: Set up the bridge for the next AdCom Teleconference

II. Minutes of the AdCom Teleconference, 6 June 2002

  1. Review action items from the minute of 22 May AdCom teleconference.

    The chair, Nigel Roberts, started the meeting by checking each action item from the previous AdCom Teleconference. The action items not completed will be carried forward to this meeting.

    Action items from the previous AdCom teleconference (22 May 2002):

    1. 20020522-A **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Gather information regarding the root server operators. Invite them for the Bucharest meeting.

      The group decided to personally talk to and invite the root server operators. Each AdCom member, who is willing to do this, may write to the list on whom they will personally contact and copy to the ccTLD Secretariat for record. BK will personally contact David Conrad and EP will personally contact the 2 European root server operators.

    2. 20020522-B **COMPLETED**
      PDT: Prepare an invitation to be given to the root server operators.

    3. 20020522-C **ONGOING**
      Secretariat: Check and confirm the co-chairs and the speakers for the Bucharest meeting

      The Secretariat had suggested YE Lee (APTLD Board member) for co-ordinating the session on ICANN Reform (1.1,1.2 and 1.3) and Bernard Turcotte for the session on "improvement of ccTLD services" (5.2). EP suggested having Marianne Wolfsgruber co-ordinate the session on "Drafting ccTLD position on ICANN Reform" (4.1) and the communiqué (9.1). PDT expressed his concerns on the drafting session of the communiqué. NR said that no communiqués should be released until all willing ccTLD endorse it. The AdCom decided to further discuss this item later on the teleconference.

    4. 20020522-D **ONGOING**
      Secretariat and EP: Contact and invite IDN committee members for discussions (25 June)

      BK informed the group that Vincent Chen from .TW will talk to the group on Chinese domain name and other IDN issues.

    5. 20020522-E **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Contact the GAC Secretariat for a joint session of ccTLD-GAC for Bucharest meeting (24 June)

    6. 20020522-F **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Contact Sabine Dolderer, Hartmut Glaser, and Bernard Turcotte for a presentation on the ICANN Budget Committee

    7. 20020522-G **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Contact Philip Shepard and the GA

    8. 20020522-H **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Contact the ccTLD Liaison officers to the other constituencies.

  2. Finalize the Bucharest Meeting Agenda

    The meeting progressed on to finalizing the Bucharest Meeting agenda.

    • 2.1 PDT asked whether a 'co-chair' to help the chair (European AdCom member) other than the appointed 'co-ordinators' is in need.

      NR suggested to have Angelika Voss as a 'chairman's assistant' in addition to the co-ordinators appointed to the specific topics. The concept of 'co-chair' was cleared up.

    • 2.2 It was confirmed that BT would co-ordinate the session on how the ccTLDs services could be improved.

      EP shared with the group about AFNIC's project on secondary servers and offered to give an update on it during this session. She added that RIPE, John Crain, and others might have updates as well.

    • 2.3 EP told the group that she would be inviting someone from the IDN committee. The other item she talked about was the survey regarding ccTLD registries on IDN issues. She pointed out that a survey has been done within CENTR and would like more information within Asia Pacific region.

    • 2.4 PDT suggested breaking ICANN reform into smaller parts, putting a time limit on each issue, and having a clear mandate for each session.

    • 2.5 PDT said that a neutral facilitator should be leading the session with the GAC.

      NR added that having the Joint session with GAC, as a separate item on the agenda, might be better than having it included in ICANN reform.

      NR proposed that the Joint Session with GAC be promoted to a self-contained item.

      EP said that the comments received from CENTR, regarding the facilitator of the joint session with GAC, were that the person should have knowledge on the issues and be neutral.

      PDT said that it should be someone from outside the ccTLD constituency who has knowledge on the issues, so that a neutral forum could be formed where the GAC would feel comfortable sharing their views.

      EP objected that she would not be comfortable with someone from outside the ccTLD group being the discussion leader for this particular session.

      A couple of the remaining AdCom members agreed with PDT for similar reasons.

      PDT proposed to come up with 3-4 persons and let the GAC to choose whom they might feel comfortable with as the discussion leader.

    • 2.6 NR suggested having a session to discuss the position of the ccTLDs, after the ICANN reform session.

    • 2.7 The group agreed that whoever leads the discussion on ICANN reform should be someone who knows the issues well.

      YE Lee (APTLD) had been proposed as discussion leader at the previous telephone meeting of AdCom.

      PDT stated that he felt she was in a better position to do this, given her previous role in the matter and the work she had been doing on the subject. It was therefore agreed that PDT and YEL agree between themselves who carries out the role of discussion leader for each part of this subject.

      PDT will report back to AdCom on the agreement reached with YEL.

    • 2.8 PP suggested having the sessions on ccSO formation and ccTLD incorporation further apart because the two are different matters.

      He said that he wanted more time allocated to the ICANN reform proposal and it's relation to the ccTLDs. He also suggested having a session with the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform.

      All agreed with PP's concerns and BT added that the meeting agenda should be adjusted to take into account the big issues.

    • 2.9 (Amended) Draft Agenda for the ccTLD Bucharest Meeting

      Venue: Contsanta Room, Bucharest Marriott Grand Hotel

      DAY 1, 24 June 2002 (Chair: Nigel Roberts)

      09:00 - 12:30 Plenary 1:

      1.1 ICANN Reform (Peter Dengate Thrush and Young-Eum Lee)

      • Report on ccTLD regional position on ICANN Reform
      • Open session with Names Council Representatives
      • Open session with the GA and/or other DNSO groups

      10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break

      1.2 Reaction to ICANN proposals

      1.3 Session with the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform

      12:30 - 14:00 Lunch

      14:00 - 16:00 Plenary 2: (date and time to be confirmed)

      2.1 Joint workshop with GAC

      16:00 - 17:30 Plenary 3:

      3.1 ccSO Formation (Peter Dengate Thrush)

      • Key Principle discussion
      • Report from liaison officers

      17:30 - 18:30 Plenary 4:

      4.1 Drafting session for a ccTLD Position on ICANN Reform (Working Group)

      DAY 2, 25 June 2002 (Chair: Nigel Roberts)

      9:00 - 12:30 Plenary 5:

      5.1 Workshop with Root Server Operators (Yann Kwok)

      • RSSC presentation by Jun Murai
      • Learning from Root Server Operators (invited root server operators)

      10:45 - 11:00 Coffee Break

      5.2 How to improve ccTLD services (Bernard Turcotte)

      • Secondary ccTLD name servers
      • Sharing Experience

      12:30 - 14:00 Lunch

      14:00 - 15:30 Plenary 6:

      6.1 Secretariat Report (BK Kim)

      • Secretariat Report by BK Kim
      • Secretariat Management Account

      6.2 ICANN Budget Committee Report

      • Report from Sabine Dolderer, Hartmut Glaser and Bernard Turcotte'

      6.3 Funding

      • Funding to ICANN, ccSO, DNSO and ccTLD Secretariat

      15:30 - 16:30 Plenary 7:

      7.1 ccTLD Incorporation (Peter Dengate Thrush)

      • report from ccTLD Legal Working Group

      16:30 - 17:30 Plenary 8:

      8.1 Report from IDN Committee (Elisabeth Porteneuve)

      • Invitation to IDN Committee members for discussion
      • Survey of ccTLD registries

      17:30 - 18:30 Plenary 9:

      9.1 Drafting of the ccTLD Communiqué (Working Group)

  3. Other items

    • 3.1 EP informed the group that the ccTLD Constituency is close to losing its voting rights in the DNSO Names Council. She asked for any opinions about this issue and expressed her worries of losing a valuable forum within the ICANN organisation for expressing ccTLD concerns to the other constituencies. Although the ccTLD members of the ICANN budget committee has agreed not to pay $100,000 to the DNSO, she felt that the ccTLDs need to support the DNSO for strategic reasons.

      She said that the method of communicating with other groups, after the ccTLDs withdraw from the DNSO, has to be considered.

      PDT agreed with EP on the importance of the ccTLD's attitude in currently being in the DNSO and said that the ccTLDs should ask the DNSO for permission to stay in the Names Council.

    • 3.2 Questionnaire regarding IDN would be discussed between BK and EP.

    • 3.3 PDT brought up the document produced by the committee on ICANN evolution and reform, regarding the structure and membership of the ccTLD group.

      Due to shortage of time, NR proposed to have a statement drafted with the ccTLDs views on this issue, before the Bucharest meeting.

      PP told the group that LACTLD has a document regarding the ICANN reform. He said that the LACTLD has some similar views with the other regional assciations, but differed on some matters.

      PDT suggested stimulating regional discussions regarding the document posted on 31 May by the ICANN Reform Committee,

    • 3.4 PDT stated that a clear protocol in producing the communiqué is needed. PDT suggested producing a charter regarding the communiqué.

      NR said that the communiqués should be written in precise language, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

      PDT also told the group that he is worried about the ad hoc nature of calling for volunteers to draft the communiqué and added that maybe a group should be permanently appointed. He proposed to have the Chair of the meeting and the AdCom responsible in producing the first draft of the communiqué. Further details would be discussed on the mailing list.

    • 3.5 The next AdCom Teleconference would be held before the Bucharest meeting. (Date to be confirmed)

Meeting adjourned UTC 13:20

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