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18 Mar 2003 at 22:00 UTC

Chaired by: Patricio Poblete

(Written by Eric Akumiah and edited by Abhisak Chulya)


Patricio Poblete (Latin America - Caribbean Region) (noted as PP)
Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah (Asia - Pacific Region)(Noted as RKN)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (noted as EP)

Abhisak Chulya (Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat) (noted as AC)

Nigel Roberts (European Region)(noted as NR)
Peter Dengate Thrush (Asia-Pacific Region) (noted as PDT)
Bernard Turcotte (alternate, N. American region) (noted as BT)
Yann Kwok (African Region)(noted as YK)
Oscar Robles Garay (Latin America - Caribbean Region)(Noted as ORG)


  1. ccTLD Rio Meeting and Agenda update

Call to meeting

The chair, PP, called the conference to order at about 22:07 GMT. He said the primary agenda was to finalize the ccTLD Rio meeting agenda and other arrangements and asked if anyone had any additions to the agenda. There were no additions.

  1. ccTLD Rio Meeting and Agenda Update

    • 1.1 On a question of whether all will be in Rio, EP said her final decision would depend on how the political climate unfolds with the threat of war. RKN was sure he would be in Rio. AC said in view of the fact that he had to travel in less than 24hrs through a rather precarious situation in the Gulf region and the out break of a dangerous flu within the Asia region, he had decided not to travel to Rio. He said he wanted to consult with the AdCom to find the best way he could co-ordinate the meeting from Bangkok. The chair asked if AC had made alternate plans for secretariat services to which question he answered in the negative. At the suggestion of the chair, the meeting agreed that the Brazilian ccTLD contact would be the last resort and contact would be made with them to find out how best they could assist in this situation. The question of logistics came up and AC said he had requested APTLD to assist with teleconference equipment but since it may be difficult to send the ccTLD projector across, one would have to be rented for the meetings. The chair requested AC to communicate to the AdCom through e-mail all prior arrangements and all he plans to do now that he was not going to Rio.

      Action Item #1 18March2003-A Secretariat (AC) to contact Brazilian ccTLD to find out if they could provide secretarial services for ccTLD and also communicate to AdCom through e-mail all arrangements that had been made so for the meeting.

    • 1.2 The chair asked what the general opinion and mood concerning the meeting in Rio was. EP said she was sure many participants from the European region would be present based on wwTLD pre-registration but the general feeling was to wait and see how the political situation unfolded and her decision would be based on the political situation 24hrs before her planned departure to Rio. RKN said the low registration on wwTLD pre-registration was not a strong enough indication of attendance since from his observation very few from the LAC region had registered but may turn in large number for the meeting. PP agreed to this point of view, coming from the LAC region. EP added that there were 240 pre-registered attendees from other region and 102 from Brazil on the ICANN website pre-registration and said the number were comparably not bad. She added, however, that many would decide at the last minute.

    • 1.3 On the name server training, AC said he would be contacting Bill Manning to coordinate the training program. He said he had been in contact with Rafael Ibarra and Hartmut Glaser so far with the grant and other arrangement, which to a large extend had been completed. The chair request AC to liaise with them to have a physical presence at the training to ensure that participants find their way around. AC agreed to do a lot of coordination through e-mail.

      Action Item #2 18March2003-B Secretariat (AC) to contact Rafael Ibarra and Hartmut Glaser to make a physical appearance at the name server training to assist participants during the training.

    • 1.4 AC outlined the items that need to be inserted as the meetings with the ICANN ERC and ALAC. A decision was taken after discussion to meet the groups as follows:
      ICANN ERC - Day 1:16:00 - 16:45
      ICANN ALAC - Day 2:17:00 - 17:30

    • 1.5 EP also brought up the ENUM presentation by Andrzej Bartosiewicz to be added to the agenda. She suggested a 30-minute presentation. It was agreed by the conference after discussion that the presentation should be made on Day 3 at 11:00 hrs.

    • 1.6 On the meeting with the GAC, PP asked about the format. AC responded by saying he though it would be a meeting of only ccTLD representatives with the GAC. EP was of the opinion that it would be more of an open meeting, based on her previous communication with the GAC secretariat when she told them ccTLD member would not mind standing even if there were not enough seats in the meeting room. The conference agreed that the meeting with GAC should be an open meeting with participation of all ccTLD members and AC was asked to communicate this as well as the final questions prepared by EP for the session to the GAC Secretariat.

      Action Item #3 18March2003-C Secretariat (AC) to communicate meeting format and questions to GAC Secretariat.

    • 1.7 On the IDN session, AC said he had already contacted the session chair Young-Eum Lee and she had communicated back that she would be inviting 4 other speakers to make presentations. EP requested AC to inform her to request another ICANN IDN committee member to make a presentation in the light of recent IDN report submitted to ICANN.

      Action Item #4 18March2003-D Secretariat (AC) to request Young-Eum Lee to invite member of ICANN IDN Committee to make a presentation.

    • 1.8 The chair, concerned about the likelihood that the current world political situation might affect the attendance of the meeting, asked whether AC had made any prior arrangements for remote participation. AC explained that the only arrangements that had been made were the dial-in teleconference and immediate web update with presentations and recording.

The meeting was adjourned at 22:46 GMT

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