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ccTLD Questionnaires: IDN survey

Date:                  07 June 2002
Subject: Re: Survey on IDN issue

Dear BKK,

Let me suggest to do the same survey as CENTR (4 simple questions)
in each of 5 ccTLD regions (in each 5 regional associations),
then we will collect results, and publish it for general information.

Doing surveys worldwide would have a great impact on ccTLD

I suggest you contact ccTLD organizations to do so.
Marianne Wolfsgruber, the CENTR GM is in cc of this answer.

Best regards,

The CENTR survey started in February, we have today 27 answers.
Here are questions:

1. Which registries do not register domain names with -- in the third
   or forth position eg : rq--we4rgbd2a.xx ?

2. Do you register domain names with two hyphens in general?

3. If you allow these domain names, how many do you have registered
   so far?

4. Are you aware of legal and administrative implications through
   these domains?

Your registry ISO3166-1 code:
Your comments if any:

> From: "Byung-Kyu Kim" 
> To: "Elisabeth Porteneuve" 
> Subject: Survey on IDN issue
> Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 09:44:53 +0900
> Dear Elisabeth:
> About the Bucharest agenda for the IDN session,
> what kind of suvey are you planning ?
> Can  I look at the CENTR Q&A about the IDN issues ?
> Thanks.
> Best Regards,
> ByungKyu Kim

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