Summary ICANN meetings report

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Sunday 29.02.2004
GAC Regional Forum meeting

This meeting was an outreach initiative, mainly for eastern European countries. Two main sessions were held: a basic Internet briefing and a panel session. The panel session was split up into three parts: GAC/ICANN outreach and languages, ccTLD policies, and the public/private partnership.

Presentations were given on the basics of the DNS, the work of the GAC, problems implementing IDNs, policies of various ccTLDs, and different possibilities for cooperating with ICANN.

Monday 01.03.2004
wwTLD meeting (day 1) + Open ICANN – GAC session

The morning session focused on the revised GAC principles. The problems were outlined and presented to GAC ccTLD Working Group representatives, and were then discussed internally. It was pointed out that although some problems remain, the principles have generally improved. ccTLDs should support the positive components to the GAC, and try to work the rest towards an acceptable document. A suggestion was also to write our own document to hand to the GAC representatives.

Different aspects of the WHOIS service were presented and discussed during the afternoon session, including a presentation on how the proposed US WHOIS legislation would affect ccTLDs.

An open GAC-ICANN session also took place, where Paul Twomey summarised work that had been done to date and outlined ICANN’s future priorities.

Tuesday 02.03.2003
wwTLD meeting (day 2)

The morning session started with updates from the regional organisations and presentations on ongoing ccTLD activities.

The IANA function performance was then discussed and it was suggested to use secure email technology (public key cryptography) for safer authorisation procedures at IANA. It was decided that one person from each region should be the point of contact for information, trust level and the key exchange. It was suggested CENTR is the point of contact for the European region.

Finally, the future of the wwTLD meetings was discussed and it was stated if ccTLDs approach APTLD and formally ask whether APTLD would be willing to organise something distinct from the ccNSO, it will be considered and a reply will be submitted.

Wednesday 03.03.2004
ccNSO meeting

The first part of the ccNSO session dealt with security best practices. Presentations were given on DNS Monitoring, DNSSEC, Anycast and future plans of the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee. Registries also gave presentations on security within their Registry.

Paul Twomey and Paul Verhoef joined the group later and gave an update on future ICANN plans. These included a new “Accountability Framework” that would be developed for the ccTLDs, and that a “Risk profiling” will be introduced, which will mean that not all ccTLD managers will be treated in the same way.

The afternoon session dealt with some slight amendments to the ccNSO bylaws that had been presented to the ICANN board. These included only wording suggestions, not changes of any principles.

Further, the upcoming ccNSO elections were discussed and the group was presented with an election plan.

Thursday, 04.03.2004
WSIS workshop + Open forum session

A special WSIS workshop was held with different participants from different stakeholders and constituencies. Paul Kane represented CENTR. All participants almost unanimously supported ICANN’s multi-stakeholder approach and agreed that governments need to be informed about the preferences of the community.

A follow-up workshop will be held at the next ICANN meeting.

At the open forum session, ICANN’s different committees first delivered their reports. The Meetings Committee have decided the regions and the dates for the upcoming meetings. For 2005 they are as follows:

04 – 08 April Latin American region
11 – 15 July European region
05 – 09 December North American region

The open microphone session was dominated by pros and cons about VeriSign’s Wait Listing Service (WLS), on which the ICANN board was to take a decision at the board meeting.

Friday 05.03.2004
Open forum (continued)

The ICANN committees continued their reporting to the ICANN board and the question session that followed kept on the subject of the WLS.

Saturday 06.03.2004
ICANN Board meeting

The ICANN board passed a lot of resolutions. Among these, it was approved to do the necessary amendments to the VeriSign agreement, so that VeriSign can introduce the Wait Listing Service. It was also agreed to start a comment period for the recommended editorial changes to the ccNSO Bylaws.

Finally, a resolution was passed to thank Elisabeth Porteneuve for her hard work in the ICANN community during the last years.