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Tracking IANA Requests

Based on the recommendation by ccTLD community meeting on 14 Nov. 2001 in Marina del Rey to track the requests of changes to IANA, ccTLD Secretariat sets up this page to be an independent monitoring system where ccTLD managers could voluntarily send copies of all requests to ICANN under the IANA function in order that an objective measurement of the time taken and other issues could be made. Please therefore send copies of IANA requests to the following address: with a note as to whether the information may be made public. In circumstances where the information should not be made public, a summarised version will be published which will not identify the ccTLD concerned, but merely the date and nature of the IANA request submitted and the date of its completion by ICANN. It has been the experience of some members of the ccTLD constituency that in some case ICANN may be making the performance of routine IANA tasks conditional on the signing of a contract, or subject to additional requirements. Additional information relating to this (such as emails from the IANA) should also be forward to the tracking-iana address, identifying whether they may be published or not.


Following the special meeting with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on Security and Stability of the Internet Domain Naming System, a number of concerns were raised by country code domain name registries that ICANN's performance of the IANA function may gave rise to serious security and stability issues. Examples include delays in carrying out various IANA functions and the lack of emergency change procedures.

The following communiques by ccTLDs document the longstanding nature of our concerns:
Statement from the ccTLD Managers meeting in Montevideo at the IANA-ccTLD Workshop (8 September 2001)

In particular, it is the length of time taken by IANA to procure routine changes to the root servers for routine technical changes, and for simple updates to name and address information for ccTLD contacts, when authenticated by the recognised ccTLD manager. ICANN's performance of the IANA function is the subject of contract with the US Government which claimed policy authority over the DNS following the death of Dr. John Postel who created and ran the IANA function while he was a Director of Networking Services at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey. Please refer to the following documents:

IANA Function Contracts

Stuart Lynn, CEO of ICANN, handed out IANA-Name-Server-only table during ccTLD meeting on 12 Nov. 2001 to show average time needed to process the requests for Name Server changes.

List of Requests

  1. Redelegation Requests
  2. .CX:

    Letters to Louis Touton for redelegation requests [*] (first request submitted on 5 March 2000)

    Current Situation: There is no redelegation occur yet as of 19 Dec. 2001.
    [*] All Dot CX correspondence with IANA is posted at

  3. Name Server Change Requests
  4. .CX:


    .AU applied for the Name Server Change on 24 December 2001. IANA requested for confirmation on 31 December 2001. .AU replied back on 1 January 2002. The change was made on 7 January 2002. (Information provided by Chris Disspain, ccTLD Manager of .au)

  5. IP Address Change Requests
  6. .CL:

    .CL submitted to IANA a routine IP Address change for its primary Name Server on 15 January 2002 (.cl template).

    COMPLETED: IP Address Change 31 January 2002 ( Letter from IANA to .CL)


    .DJ request of update of Primary Nameserver IP Address and modifications to be reflected in the DNS root (29 January 2002 ( .dj template)

  7. Address Change Requests
  8. .KR:

    .KR submitted to IANA an Address change on 7 June 2002 (.kr template).

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