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[cctld-discuss] RE: ccTLD funding models


Thank you for your inputs-

however, I do not see the country names or 2 letter codes-

what are they?

peter de Blanc

-----Original Message-----
From: Norbert Klein []
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 3:04 PM
Cc: Chon Kilnam; Kanchana Kanchanasut;
Subject: ccTLD funding models

Some consideration for the calculation of Suggested
Contributions by ccTLDs:

The following is based on data about 14 ccTLDs in the
Asia-Pacific region. Data collected were

1. Annual registration fee for a domain in US$
2. Total number of domains registered
(multiplied these two figures yield an income figure)
3. GNP per capita in US$ from an international magazine

In the course of the previous discussions it had been also
assumed that the Annual Domain Registration Fees in the
different countries reflect the economic situation in these
countries. This does not seem to be the case: most fees are in
the range of US$20 to US$35, quite unrelated to the GNP per
capita figures for these countries which vary from US$225 to
over US$30,000.

I have calculated three models in an Excel table, so that ways
could be found that ccTLDs in countries with less economic
resources could be allowed to pay lesser fees, based on a
transparent formula:

A  Suggestions according to a GNP factor
B - Suggestions according to a slightly flattened GNP factor
C - Suggestions according to a strongly flattened GNP factor

A  the full GNP/capita figure is brought into the
calculation. While this may seem to be a very just sharing of
burdens by he strongest, it does not challenge others to
consider their own possibilities.

B  a middle way between A and C, but it does not request the
ccTLDs in the economically middle level GNP countries to make
substantial efforts.

C- while supporting the very small ccTLD by a low contribution
and asking a lot from the larger members (though not so much
in terms of percentage of their income), it tries to allocate
fair shares to all. What a fair share is, is of course not
commonly defined.

I suggest Model C for serious consideration to be adopted
(though it can be modified in many ways). I have assumed a
total target figure of US$100.000 for these 14 countries, but
the Excel table allows of course to add more countries, and to
modify the total target figure by an adjustment factor, while
maintaining the basic relationship between the different
suggested contributions.

As a result, the annual fees per ccTLD, in Model C, would vary
between no charges for a small and economically very weak
country where domain names are registered free of charge as a
method to strengthen the presence of domains from this country
on the Internet, to US$100 for a number of countries with less
than 1000 registered domains, over several hundred or several
thousand US dollars, up to US$42.000 (corresponding to 0.01%
of the estimated income from the large number of domains
registered under this ccTLD.

First of all I want to thank those ccTLD Administrators who
kindly made relevant information available to me. Secondly, I
have to add some words of caution: neither are all data which
I collected fully compatible (as there exist different payment
schemes for different types of domains registered 
commercial, non-commercial etc.), and also there are different
time periods for which fees have to be paid for registered
domains with different prices (first year/maintenance fee,
once for all payments etc.). I had to enter some assumptions
into the spreadsheets which I had no time to clarify fully
with those persons who kindly had supplied data. In order to
avoid any embarrassment, I have, therefore, not included any
country names in these explanations.

As it is cumbersome for some readers of mailing lists if there
are files attached, I send this mail also without the three
Models mentioned above  but I am prepared to send an attached
Excel file to any member of this mailing list who requests to
receive it (just send e-mail to saying
"request ccTLD funding models" or something like that). To
some members of the mailing list I am sending the Excel file
attachment at the same time with this posting, so that they
may comment and say if these mathematical exercises towards a
more equitable and, I think, just sharing of economic
resources are useful or not.

Norbert Klein
Open Forum of Cambodia
Former administrator of the .kh TLD
Member of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency

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