Election Statement

Dear ccTLD Colleagues,

VOTE No. 1 Dennis Jennings

As you know I am a candidate for election to the Names Council of the DNSO by the members of the ccTLD Constituency.

I would like to ask you to give me your Number 1 Vote in this election.

If elected I promise to represent the interests of all ccTLDs on the Names Council, and to make sure that the ccTLD voice is heard loudly and clearly within ICANN. I have done my best to date to shape ICANN in a way that gives the ccTLD Constituency an opportunity to shape and influence Internet policy for the future. I believe that ccTLDs should be independent and I will continue to fight for the independence of ccTLDs to run their affairs in the best interests of the community they serve.

All the candidates standing in this election deserve your consideration ≠ they are all good candidates. However, I believe that my experience (see below) as an Internet Pioneer, as a Manager, as the Director of the .ie Domain Registry, as the Chairman of CENTR, does make me an excellent candidate. In addition, I believe that I have already made a significant contribution to date to the formation of the DNSO, and to the ccTLD Constituency, and that I am therefore the candidate to whom you should give your No. 1 vote

I ask for your No. 1 Vote.

If you feel you really must give your first preference to another candidate, then please give me your second preference ≠ your No. 2 Vote.

As you know, I am a native English speaker, and this is an advantage in the current ICANN discussions. Unhappily, I do not speak several languages. I do, however, take great care to speak as well as I can, and to speak slowly and clearly so as to make sure that those who are not native English speakers can best understand me. I hope that you will not consider my lack of languages other than English to be a disadvantage.

I shall be happy to answer any questions that any ccTLD may have about my candidacy.

In the meantime, my thanks for your support.

Dennis Jennings

Brief Summary of Experience:

Dennis M. Jennings
Director, Computing Services, University College Dublin.
Address: Daedalus Building, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
E-mail: Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie
Telephone: +353-(1) 706 7817
Fax: +353-(1) 706 2362