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Re: [cctld-discuss] WSIS Draft Declaration of Principles - Para44.

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  • Subject: Re: [cctld-discuss] WSIS Draft Declaration of Principles - Para44.
  • From: Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah <ramesh@mimos.my>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 21:24:55 +0800
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This is a personal observation only.

There seems to be a disconnect between those govt reps who attend GAC and
those who are attending WSIS. As WSIS is being organised by ITU, most of
the reps are from either Telecommunications Ministries or from the local
embassies (either from embassies in France or Geneva). These people are
very comfortable with the ITU process but know very little about ICANN,
its history or its current attempt to evolve. One branch may be fully
supportive of ICANN through its participation in GAC whereas another is
much happier working with the ITU. Only in some instances are the same
faces from GAC seen here.

Whichever model you believe is better (i.e. ITU or ICANN) what you may
wish to do is communicate with your government and make them aware of
what is going on (i.e. the possible disconnect). Its better, even for
governments, to make a decision with as much info as possible.

In addition to the paragraph quoted by Richard Francis, you may also wish
to take a look at para 8 of the Plan of Action which talks about hubs and
root servers. Enjoy :-)

- ramesh -

Quoting Richard Francis <rfrancis@igovernance-consultants.com>:

> People - -
> http://www.itu.int/wsis/preparatory/prepcom/intersessional/index.html
> The following will be discussed at this afternoon's plenary meeting of
> the
> intercessional which I am observing:
>  > 44 International Internet Management
>  > The international management of the Internet should be democratic,
> multilateral, transparent and participative with the full involvement
> of
> the governments,                       > intergovernmental
> organisations,
> private sector and civil society. This management should encompass both
> technical and policy issues. This management should          >
> encompass
> both technical and policy issues. While recognising that the private
> sector
> has an important role in the development of Internet at the technical
> level, and will
>  > continue to take a lead role, the fast development of Internet as
> the
> basis of Internet society requires that governments, take a lead role,
> in
> partnership with all the other
>  > stakeholders, in developing and coordinating policies of the public
> interests related to stability, security, competition, freedom of use,
> protection of individual rights and
>  > privacy, sovereignty and equal access for all, among all the other
> aspects, through appropriate [intergovernmental/international]
> organisations.
> Best regards
> Richard Francis
> iGCL, Oxford
> +44 1993 898889 (T)
> +44 7818 056318 (M)

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