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[cctld-discuss] ccNSO Launching Group

  • To: ccnso-launching-group@icann.org
  • Subject: [cctld-discuss] ccNSO Launching Group
  • From: Nigel Roberts <nigel@isles.net>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:39:06 +0100
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I understood (as a possible candidate myself for the CCNSO Launching 
Group in Europe) that the deadline for submission of expressions of 
interest was 18th July.

After that time, I expected the names of those who have expressed 
interest to be made public immediately in order for the Regions may 
conduct elections to insure open, bottom up and transparent selection.

I am concerned that three days after the closing of this list that this
has not yet happened -- and that as a result the Regions may not be able 
to conduct free and  fair elections in the short timescale now left 

It would be most unfortunate if the embryonic ccNSO was hobbled by 
dropping the ball at this stage after we have all worked so hard over 
many years to reach agreement with ICANN.

Can I have an update on what is happening, please??

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