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Re: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European candidate,3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group

  • To: Alf Hansen <alf.hansen@uninett.no>
  • Subject: Re: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European candidate,3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group
  • From: Paul M Kane <Paul.Kane@nic.ac>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 12:00:20 +0100
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Alf (and Bart)

In light of your published SELECTION process I would like to express my
regret that the procedures for selecting the 3rd European LG member has
not been as democratic as one would expect. 
With the ccNSO Assistance Group members being selected, then the initial 
LG members being selected, now the one seat being subject to an internal 
selection, I sincerely hope things will improve and so that the ccNSO 
may become more representative and legitimate. Fortunately the Launching 
Group has VERY limited role yet an important role to boot-strap the 
ccNSO membership outreach and the ELECTION process through which 
candidates will be chosen to the ccNSO Council. 

Having discussed the ELECTION procedure during the Montreal meeting,
having prepared a list of European ccTLD Managers (from the recently
enlarged ICANN list), having identified that the IANA list for Europe
list is not up to date and taking steps to make it accurate, having
reviewed the ADCOM elections CENTR conducted for the election of the
European Representative (www.centr.org/elections) - I find it incredible
that you have allowed a SELECTION process to be undertaken without the
usual checks and balances of ensuring the election of a true
representative in an open, fair and transparent process.

I have to say there has been no electoral statement by all candidates, 3
of whom I do not know and they may bring unique qualities to the LG, the
timing has been manipulated - Montreal was 3 weeks ago - the process
could have started immediately after Montreal as described in the slide
presentations during Montreal - e.g. ELECTIONS in a timely manner - with
results known by the 25th.

I am assuming that the Launching Group members will resign and not stand
for membership of the Council, (these are the sort of statements
expected in an Electoral Statement) to ensure self interest does not
"cloud" non-discriminatory actions/processes of the Launching
Group.....  If this assumption is true and due to the very limited scope
and authority of the LG and the importance getting ccNSO up and running
quickly and with PROPER processes in place, it there is no alternative
but to proceed with this unrepresentative SELECTION process.

If the ccNSO is to have any real support/legitimacy it is of the utmost
importance that the election for the members of the ccNSO Council are
democratic, transparent, representative and run in a professional
manner.  CENTR remains willing to offer its services to the European
region free from charge and has already the processes in place to
provide professionally run voting mechanism.


Alf Hansen wrote:

>Dear European ccTLD Manager,
>This is an invitation to ccTLD managers in the European region, for a
>straw poll (not an election) as described in my previous message.
>Please select ONE candidate below as your preference for the position as
>the 3rd European member of the ccNSO Launching Group.
>The following describes the authorities of the Lauching Group (taken
>from http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-09jul03.htm ):
>"The Board further resolved that the Launching Group:
>shall have authority to solicit additional ccTLD managers to join with
>the members of such Launching Group to eventually comprise the ccNSO,
>which shall be deemed constituted once thirty members have joined;"
>(Resolution 03.109)
>shall also have the authority to establish a schedule and procedures for
>the selection of the initial ccNSO Council; (Resolution 03.110)
>shall not have the authority (a) to initiate a ccPDP or (b) otherwise
>engage in development of substantive policies, or (c) select on behalf
>of the ccNSO any director or observer or other participant in any ICANN
>body. (Resolution 03.111)."
>Please select only ONE name by deleting all the others.
>Only ONE submission per European ccTLD Manager.
>Please return To:   alf.hansen@uninett.no
>              Cc:   bart@sidn.nl
>by email a.s.a.p. and no later than the end of Friday this week, July
>25, 2003 at 2400 CET.
>Your country in the European region   : 
>Your European ccTLD two letter code   : 
>Your name (ccTLD Manager)             : 
>Your E-mail address                   :
>Your candidate of preference (delete all but one):
>   Olivier Guillard (appointed to represent AFNIC)
>   .fr ccTLD
>   Nigel Roberts
>   .gg ccTLD 
>   Member, wwtld AdCom (Europe) 
>   Petr Kral
>   .cz ccTLD
>   Jimmy Imossi
>   .gi ccTLD   (will appoint someone to represent them) 
>   Arno Ahornegger
>   Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
>Thank you for your cooperation!
>Best regards,
>Alf Hansen
>on behalf of the two European members of the ccNSO Launching Group.
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