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[cctld-discuss] Straw poll process cancelled, selction of the 3rd European member of the ccNSO Launching Group.

  • To: "CENTR GA" <ga@centr.org>, <cctld-discuss@wwtld.org>
  • Subject: [cctld-discuss] Straw poll process cancelled, selction of the 3rd European member of the ccNSO Launching Group.
  • From: "Alf Hansen" <alf.hansen@uninett.no>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:21:18 +0200
  • Cc: <bart@sidn.nl>
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Dear European ccTLD managers,
As you all have seen the time frame for delivering a name to ICANN has been extended with one week, and there is now time to hold a proper election. CENTR has accepted the invitation to conduct the election, and there is no need for the straw poll process started this week.
I hereby cancel the straw poll proccess. I will delete alle the received straw -votes and Bart will do the same. Those who have sent me straw-votes must participate in the election organised by CENTR if they want their votes to be counted.
Now we have time to do this properly, and show that it is possible for the private sector to conduct a democratic, transparent and representative election in a professional and effective way. When it comes to the election of ccNSO council members at a later stage, this will be even more important.
Best regards,
Alf H
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Sent: 24. juli 2003 12:07
To: Chris Disspain
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Subject: Re: [centr-ga] European member of ccNSO Launching Group

Many thanks Chris

Yes CENTR is pleased to accept this invitation to condut a proper election.

Please see http://www.centr.org/elections/ for more details

We invite the 5 candidates to submit eletoral statements as soon as possible.  Ballot papers will be sent by email tomorrow (Friday 25th July).

Nomination period CLOSED - (18th July 2003)
Period for making election statements closes - 25th July 2003 (Midnight UT0/GMT)
Voting commences - 26 July 2003
Voting closes - 31st July 2003 (Midnight UT0/GMT)
Confirmation of result - 1st August 2003

Trust this is helpful


Chris Disspain wrote:

Dear Tim and Paul,

As you know, at its 26 June 2003 meeting, the ICANN Board adopted under

resolution 03.106 the amendments to the bylaws for the formation of the

ccNSO. In adoption of the amendments to the bylaws, the Board also called

for the formation f the Launching Group (resolution 03.108). The resolution

requested the

"nine ccTLD members of the ccNSO Assistance Group to call for an additional

six members to join with the nine ccTLD members of the Assistance Group to

form a launching group for the ccNSO ("Launching Group"), the members of

which Launching Group shall be identified in writing to the Secretary within

thirty days following the adoption of these resolutions;"

On 9 July 2003 there was a call for expressions of interest for the

following number of additions from the following regions to the ccNSO

Launching Group


1 from Asia Pacific

1 from Europe

2 from North America

2 from Africa

Five expressions of interest were received from the European Region. The

expressions of interest were from:

1) Olivier Guillard (appointed to represent AFNIC)

.fr ccTLD

2) Nigel Roberts

.gg ccTLD


3) Petr Kral

.cz ccTLD

4) Jimmy Imossi

.gi ccTLD   (will appoint someone to represent them)

5) Arno Ahornegger

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

The 9 members initial members of the Launching Group appreciate CENTR's

offer to work with membership (and non-CENTR European ccTLD managers) in the

European region to determine whether a single candidate from the existing

list of expressions of interest will be put forward as a recommendation.

Such a recommendation must be received by 1 August 2003, 22:00 UTC.

Please note that this determination should be based only on the list of candidates

expressing interest listed above.

If those above that submitted expressions of interest do

not wish to engage in a process to allow CENTR and non-CENTR European

members to put forward collectively a recommendation for a single candidate,

they can advise the 9 initial members of the Launching Group. Once the 1

August deadline has passed, if there is more than one candidate for Europe, the

Launching Group will select a member from Europe.

The Launching Group must  notify the ICANN Secretary of the

additional European member  by 4 August.

For clarity, please note that the Launching Group has a very limited role, namely:

- solicit additional ccTLD managers to join with the members of such

Launching Group to eventually comprise the ccNSO, which shall be deemed

constituted once thirty members have joined; (Resolution 03.109)

- establish a schedule and procedures for the selection of the initial ccNSO

Council; (Resolution 03.110)

It does not have the authority (a) to initiate a ccPDP or (b) otherwise

engage in development of substantive policies, or (c) select on behalf of

the ccNSO any director or observer or other participant in any ICANN body.

(Resolution 03.111).

Kind regards,

Chris Disspain

CEO - auDA



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