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RE: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group

  • To: "'Paul M Kane'" <Paul.Kane@nic.ac>, "'Chris Disspain'" <ceo@auda.org.au>
  • Subject: RE: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group
  • From: "Alf Hansen" <alf.hansen@uninett.no>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 11:40:10 +0200
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Paul and Chris,

Since I feel myself trapped between CENTR and ICANN in this case, and
since I started the "mess", I would like to try to explain it from my

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul M Kane [mailto:Paul.Kane@nic.AC] 
> Sent: 23. juli 2003 10:22
> To: Chris Disspain
> Cc: 'Alf Hansen'; 'CENTR GA'; cctld-discuss@wwtld.org
> Subject: Re: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of 
> European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group
> Hi Chris
> Chris Disspain wrote:
> >The problem is that Centr cannot speak for those in Europe 
> who are not 
> >members unless they consent to Centr doing so.
> >  
> >
> CENTR does not "speak" for any ccTLD even if they are members 
> of CENTR - 
> it is a forum for discussion, information exchange and a 
> facilitator of 
> consensus building. We promote ccTLDs making decisions at the local 
> level in the interest of their local internet community.
> CENTR offered to conduct outreach, contact every ccTLD 
> manager (as the 
> IANA database is out of date), and invite them to participate in a  
> process to select a representative.  This offer is provided free from 
> any charge or requirement to be a member of CENTR as a service to the 
> community and this offer is being rejected. That is fine .... it is a 
> free world ... but I want it on record.

I agree with this in an ideal world. And it is on the record now.

As I said before, my judgement when I came back late Monday evening and
got the names of the candidates from Theresa, was that it would be
impossible to conduct a fair election with a reasult by Friday. Getting
some advise from the European ccTLD managers is very important for the
current European LG members, therefore I started at once with the "straw
poll" procedure which had been discussed on beforehand. This procedure
will at least give us some input by Friday. Btw., so far I got 7 straw

I am stressing the time because I think it is important that we (the
ccTLDs in Europe) can show ICANN that we are able to deliver fair
results in time. If we had one more week, the results could probably
have been based on a proper election conducted by CENTR. If the current
LG procedure had been proposed for (s)election of a European ccNSO
Council member, I would never have accepted. The LG is a boot-strap
mechanism with a very limited scope and will dissappear soon, therefore
I think a straw poll will do.

But with one week extra....

> The LG has not conducted outreach, has not contacted every 
> ccTLD manager 
> in ICANN's enlarged Europe (as the IANA database is inaccurate), 
> therefore has not invited all European ccTLDs to participate in the 
> process of selecting a representative, but the LG is conducting an 
> internal selection process.  

If the LG had conducted outreach, I am sure there would have been a lot
of objections... The LG has only one purpose: The get the ccNSO started
so the real work can begin.

> All I am saying is I am not comfortable 
> with that process.

I am certainly not comfortable either, but that is life...

Best regards,
Alf H

> >
> >The current LG membership is having a conference call today 
> and we will 
> >discuss (doubtless at length) the situation. Hopefully we 
> can reach a 
> >solution that is acceptable.
> >
> Good luck on your call .... I am sure you will find an acceptable 
> solution. ;-)
> Best
> Paul

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