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RE: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group

  • To: "'Paul M Kane'" <Paul.Kane@nic.ac>
  • Subject: RE: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group
  • From: "Chris Disspain" <ceo@auda.org.au>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:43:37 +1000
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The problem is that Centr cannot speak for those in Europe who are not
members unless they consent to Centr doing so.

Say that Gwandana is in the Euro region and for whatever reason does not
want to be involved in Centr. As an individual cc within the region they
are entitled to nominate direct to the LG if they wish and not take part
in any election run by Centr. Now, whether or not they would get onto
the LG given that a majority of those ccs in Europe have nominated a
candidate through Centr is another question. But it is hardly fair to
suggest an introverted approach is being used here. 

The current LG membership is having a conference call today and we will
discuss (doubtless at length) the situation. Hopefully we can reach a
solution that is acceptable.


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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From: Paul M Kane [mailto:Paul.Kane@nic.AC] 
Sent: Wednesday, 23 July 2003 17:25
To: Chris Disspain
Cc: 'Alf Hansen'; 'Paul M Kane'; 'CENTR GA'; cctld-discuss@wwtld.org
Subject: Re: [cctld-discuss] Ballot, Straw poll, selection of European
candidate, 3rd member of the ccNSO Launching Group

Hi Chris

Chris Disspain wrote:

>I may be a little confused. I understood from an email from Tim Mertens
>that Centr would be organizing a nominee to the LG (by whatever means
>wished) from among those members of Centr that nominated. 
Indeed and Tim was clear (following a recommendation of a CENTR Board 
Meeting) that we would hold an ELECTION for the European Region (not 
only CENTR members) both for the LG and for the Council.  CENTR staff 
have been working to that end - making sure the process is open, 
inclusive and as transparent as possible.

The size of the European Region has been increased dramatically by ICANN

- every ccTLD manager is equally important - and I find it offensive 
that self-selection by the "inner-circle" is still in-vogue when we are 
trying to make the ccNSO as inclusive as possible and be seen to be 
responsible and responsive to the vagaries of diversity - cultural, 
legal and electorate diversity.

>If that was
>the only European nominee then they would become a member of the LG but
>if a non Centr member nominated also then the LG would need to make a
>choice. Is that not your understanding?
No.  The LG should not be self selecting it's membership - and the 
European Region is now 75 ccTLDs so it is more than CENTR's membership 
(- although CENTR membership is increasing).  There are 5 candidates in 
Europe, 3 of whom are not known to many ccTLD Managers in Europe.  How 
can any person either through the LG self selecting or an election, 
choose a REPRESENTATIVE where information is not know about the 
candidate.  Further emphasizing the need for a proper process of

I hope this clarifies my understanding, and I sincerely hope this 
introverted approach to diversity that has dogged ICANN in the past will

stop - so that we may move forward with issues of substance that are 
truly global.

Best regards



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