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[cctld-discuss] Report from Special Meeting of the Board 19 August 2003

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  • Subject: [cctld-discuss] Report from Special Meeting of the Board 19 August 2003
  • From: Elisabeth Porteneuve <Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 22:02:52 +0200 (MET DST)
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Preliminary Report Special Meeting of the Board 19 August 2003
(Posted 23 August 2003) 

To be read entierely. I spotted:

1. Resolution on proposed agreement for .md (Moldova).
   What these minutes does not tell, is the long story and a 
   long battle, which terminated on 11 Feb 2003, when MoldData 
   won its case in the US Bancrupcy Court for the Northern 
   District of Georgia, Altanta cf. http://www.nic.md/news/court.html
   More about .md ccTLD at http://www.dns.md/aboutus.html

2. ICANN Board is considering timing for the annual meeting in 2003.

3. "Other Business" mention "ongoing dialogue with the U.S. 
   Department of Commerce regarding the relationship between 
   the parties".

Elisabeth Porteneuve

Proposed ccTLD Agreement for .md (Moldova)

     Whereas, on 10 March 2000, in resolution 00.13, the Board 
     authorized the President and staff to work with the ccTLD 
     managers, Governmental Advisory Committee, and other 
     interested parties to prepare draft language for ccTLD 
     contracts, policy statements, and/or communications, 
     including appropriate funding arrangements, to be presented 
     to the Board and posted for public comment as soon as 

     Whereas, on 13 March 2001, in resolution 01.37, the Board 
     directed ICANN management to press forward with continued 
     vigor toward the completion of draft legacy agreements, 
     and to pursue, as needed, acceptable ccTLD agreements;

     Whereas, negotiators for MoldData and ICANN have reached 
     agreement, subject to the ICANN Board's approval and final 
     verification of translated data by ICANN staff, on the 
     terms of the ccTLD MoU for the .md top-level domain;

     Whereas, the President recommends that authorization be given 
     to enter into this agreement subject to the foregoing;

The following resolutions were presented for consideration by 
Mr. Campos, and seconded by Mr. Palage:

      Resolved [03.142] that the President is authorized to enter 
      into on behalf of ICANN the ccTLD MoU for .md in substantially 
      the form as provided to the Board, with any minor corrections 
      or adjustments, and verification of documentation, as 
      appropriate; and

      Resolved [03.143] that, upon signature of the agreement, 
      the President is authorized to take such actions as appropriate 
      to implement the agreement.

(The Board approved the above resolutions by a 11-0-0 vote.)


Upcoming Meetings

     The board discussed status of planning for ICANN's upcoming 
     meeting scheduled for the last week of October in Carthage. 
     Mr. Twomey reported that a recent routine planning visit by 
     ICANN staff to the meeting site found facility arrangements, 
     including proposed security arrangements, to be satisfactory. 
     The board also discussed proposed timing of the 2003 annual 
     meeting and scheduling issues.

Other Business

     Mr. Twomey reported that a committee for WIPO II had been formed, 
     with input from various constituent groups, and input still 
     to come. Mr. Twomey also mentioned ICANN continued to have 
     ongoing dialogue with the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding 
     the relationship between the parties. Mention was made of 
     various upcoming meetings and conferences that might be of 
     interest to ICANN, including WSIS, the CITEL meeting scheduled 
     in September, and the upcoming workshop for .int. 

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