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RE: [cctld-discuss] ccNSO membership applications.

Dear Chris,
thank you for this analysis. This is what I came to understand too but 
seeing well detailed does help. I would suggest that this would be kept as 
part or as a basis for a ccNSO BP where all the ccTLD FAQ could be 
addressed and updated as the ICANN Bylaws may evoluate.

Now I have an additional question. A ccTLD is entitled to create several 
subname spaces (zones). For example to support Internationalized domain 
names which is quite a new issue where new rules and new obligations may be 
imposed from different sources (legal obligations, intl treaties, national 
policy, economical projects, special innovation, IP portection, technical 
innovation, etc.) and where for example a global ccDRP could not apply.

Another limitation could be about mil.xx and gov.xx zones.

Do you think that a ccTLD could participate to the ccNSO suject to a 
general (IX/4/11) exemption for some zones? Or for some zones (ex. com.xx, 
net.xx, org.xx).

Thank you.

At 09:13 01/09/03, Chris Disspain wrote:
>I'll do my best;-)

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