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Interim ccTLD Secretariat work plan

as set in the Request for Proposals

The Interim secretariat will provide an executive function, operating under guidelines of the ccTLD Administrative Committee, and act as a single point of contact for all ccTLD business.


While these functions are not as yet fully described or qualified, they will include, at a minimum:

  1. Maintaining the ccTLD web site, with appropriate links to items of import and interest to ccTLD constituency, ICANN, and Internet Governance in general.

    1.1 Providing translation of web pages and documents into several languages, to encourage greater understanding, participation, and increase the speed of consensus formation within the constituency.

    1.2. Performing final edits and preparing for publication the various official documents of the ccTLD constituency, again, with translation into appropriate languages.

  2. Maintaining, archiving, and publishing mailing lists

  3. Publicizing, promoting, and conducting outreach activities for the ccTLD.

    3.1 Internally, this function requires contacting and attracting ccTLD managers who are not presently attending meetings or participating in ccTLD lists. Such outreach to be conducted in a language appropriate to facilitate contact with the ccTLD manager or administrator, be it an individual or an organization.

    3.2 Externally, this function includes publicizing the ccTLD and it’s issues and work to the greater population of Internet users, and to the Public in general.

  4. Provide organization services for ccTLD meetings, including notifications, meeting room bookings and set-ups, audio visual equipment rental, scribe and note taking services, for tele-conferences as well as actual, in person meetings.

  5. Bookkeeping and accounting services, including operation of a bank account for ccTLD related income and expense disbursements.

  6. Maintain a ‘help desk’ via e-mail and telephone whereby members of the ccTLD constituency can have their questions and requests answered, or referred to the appropriate places or persons for answers, in a timely manner.

Duration of Services:

  1. The Interim service period will be from 1 May 2000 through 15 November 2000, co-incident with the November ICANN annual meeting, at which time we intend to have the permanent solution resolved.
  2. Minimum human resources requirement: Please submit brief CV of personnel you propose for positions 8.1 and 8.2. Position 8.3 and 8.4 may be outsourced.

8.1 Executive Director 100 hours per month minimum.

8.2 Administrative assistant / scribe / editor / document supervisor 100 hours per month minimum.

8.3 Web and technical services 100 hours per month minimum. - may be outsourced.

8.4 Translation services, estimated 50 pages per month, possibly including French, English, Spanish, 2 or 3 major Asian languages, 1 or 2 Slavic languages - may be outsourced.


9.0 Facilities:

9.1 High speed Internet connection (T-1, E-1, ISDN, DSL, or cable modem)

9.2 Telecoms: 2 phone lines, 1 FAX line, one pager/beeper

9.3 Media access: satellite TV or Cable-TV to monitor news services

9.4 Office: a physical office where members of the constituency or persons conducting business with the constituency may meet.

9.5 Mail: Availability of Post Box or street delivery of mail, FED EX and courier service.

9.6 Computers: At least 4 stations, one for each of 3 personnel above, plus one for part time person or visitors. Tape or disk back up of critical information to be performed daily and archived off site (bank safety deposit box or similar- or may be archived in other locations with file transfer via Internet)

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