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valid January 2004

ccTLD Contact Details

The Secretariat supports the alliance of ccTLD Managers and the Administration Committee, drafts agendas and minutes, keeps documents in order and publishes it on the wwTLD website. The Secretariat updates the mailing lists, organises meetings and workshops. It also provides a focal point for enquiries concerning ccTLDs, and distributes information on matters of interest to the ccTLD Managers.


Office record:

  1. 1 Jan 2004: Andy Lane is providing the ccTLD Rome meeting Secretariat, 3 months term. Email address: ccTLDServices [at]

  2. 1 Apr 2003: ccTLD Secretariat is vacant.

    7 Sep 2003: Employment opportunity jobs.html.

    15 Sep - 15 Nov 2003: Richard Francis and Andy Lane have been acting as the ccTLD Temporary Secretariat for a period of 8 weeks, selected by the AdCom.

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