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25 Mar 2000

will you send us any agenda items to be discussed at the next ccTLD
Administration Committee teleconf on April 20 1300 GMT?


PS: will attach the previous AdCom teleconf agenda and its summary.


ccTLD Administration Committee Teleconference March 2000 - Agenda

   Date: 2000.3.25 0900-1030 EDT(0800-930 EST), 1300-1430GMT, 2200-2330 Seoul
   Numbers: to be announced by Peter de Blanc


1. Review of the previous AdCom, 2000.3.9
2. Drafting Task Force of Best Practice Document
3. July 2000 Meeting Schedule
     Constituency Meeting
     Workshop and Working Group Meetings
     Preparation(schedule, pre-meeting proposal,....)
4. Names Council member election
5. Administration Committee member election
6. ccTLD Secretariat
7. DNSO WG report
8. AOB



ccTLD Administration Committee Teleconference March 2000 - Draft Summary
Date: 2000.3.25 1300-1430GMT


1. Review of the previous Administration Committee Meeting, 2000.3.9

2. Drafting Task Force of Best Practice Document

   Included in WG 2 Best Practice & Delegation as discussed in 3.

3. July 2000 Meeting Schedule

   2000.7.12 Morning                       ccTLD Constituency Plenary Meeting
   2000.7.12 Afternoon - 7.13 Morning      Morning Workshop and WG Meetings
   2000.7.13 Afternoon                     ccTLD Constituency Plenary Meeting

   Working Groups(WGs) cover the following topics;

    Working Group                   Chair            Deputy Chairs
    -----------------------------   -----            -------------
    WG 1 ICANN Services to ccTLD    Nii Quaynor      Eva Frich, Peter de Blanc
                                                     BK Kim, Jose Luiz Ribeiro
    WG 2 Best Practice & Delegation A. van Couvering Dennis Jennings, Yann Kwok
                                                     Bill Semich, P. Poblete
    WG 3 Funding                    Peter de Blanc   Sue Lander, Willie Black
                                                     Oscar Robles, Zakaria

   We may have pre-meeting in June as appropriate, and will decide at the
   next AdCom Teleconferencing.  Some of WGs may meet on July 11 if necessary.
   We will set up the mailing lists for each WG shortly for discussion and
   development of the draft document.

   We plan to have the workshop on secure DNS in parallel with WG meetings
   in 2000.7.12 afternoon - 7.13 morning, and will announce the detail
   program shortly.

4. Names Council member election

   Asked Nii and Peter to come up with the draft revision of ccTLD Bylaws
   to accommodate the new election to take place this spring/summer.

   We further confirmed that each of five regions to elect one Names Council
   member candidate from its region, and ccTLD constituency to elect 3-5
   council members with appropriate geographical diversity consideration.
   We further proposed to ask ICANN Board to consider 5 Names Council seats
   for ccTLD to guarantee good geographical diversity.

5. Administration Committee member election

   The current Administration Committee members' term expires at the end of
   Yokohama ICANN Meeting, and each region should elect its Administration
   Committee member by the end of Yokohoma ICANN Meeting.  In this way,
   we can avoid disruption of the preparation of Yokohoma Meeting, which
   could be critical  to ccTLD constituency as we expect the ICANN-ccTLD
   relation is finalized such as the ones specified in WGs.

6. ccTLD Secretariat

   We decided to have the committee to work on requirement and others on
   ccTLD Secretariat.  The committee consists of one member from each
   region to be recommended by each regional group.

   We further agreed Peter de Blanc to coordinate on the interim ccTLD
   secretariat to be in place for six month starting as soon as possible
   (probably at the end of April or the beginning of May until the end of
    November ICANN Meeting in early November).
7. DNSO WG report

   We defer on DNSO WG until the next meeting since we run out of time.
8. AOB

   The next monthly teleconferencing is on April 20 Thursday(1300 GMT).

9. Participants

   Dennis Jennigns, Kilnam Chon, Peter de Blanc, Oscar Robles, Nii Quaynor
   YJ Park(observer)


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