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Administration Committee Members

Administration Committee Meetings

The Administration Committee teleconferences are open for ccTLD members willing to listen.

ccTLD Rules of Procedures

The functions of AdCom, since its inception in 1999 and until the withdrawal from the DNSO on 29 October 2002, were outlined in the ccTLD Article of Association ccTLD.Articles.v2.2.html. Since 2002 the Chair (s) of AdCom is/are the AdCom representative(s) in the region where the next ccTLD meeting would be held.

In an attempt to redefine the function and mandate of AdCom in the post-DNSO a draft rules for procedures of AdCom was submitted to AdCom by Elisabeth Porteneuve and presented to the ccTLD meeting in Rio de Janeiro in March 2003. Subsequently CENTR reviewed this draft and published reviewed version in June 2003.

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  3. 16 Jun 2003 CENTR Reviewed Draft Rules of Procedure for the Administration Committee of the World Wide Alliance of Top Level Domain-names Registries (ccTLDs)

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