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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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AdCom Meetings, Year 2001

  1. 15 Jan 2001 20010115.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Preparation of February 2001 Meetings with ICANN, ccTLD-ICANN Relation, IANA database, Funding of ccTLD Secretariat and DNSO, Legal Service

  2. 13 Feb 2001 20010213.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Preparation of Geneva February 2001 Meeting with ICANN, ccTLD-ICANN Relation, IANA database, Funding of ccTLD Secretariat and DNSO, Legal Service

    ccTLD Melbourne meeting: Agenda, meeting with GAC, sponsors and social events

    Permanent Secretariat Proposal

  3. 03 May 2001 20010503.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    New Secretariat. Agenda for Stockholm meeting. ccTLD constituency contributions to DNSO - $15,371 for year 2001.

  4. 20 Jun 2001 20010620.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Process to endorse ccTLD Best Practices. Process to find consensus from ccTLD community on ccSO. Bylaws for ccSO. Timeline for Montevideo.

  5. 10 Aug 2001 20010810.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    ccSO Formation process and documents. Contributions to DNSO for the year 2001. Documents needed for supervision and guidance of Secretariat. Contacts with DNSO and GAC. Montevideo agenda.

    The final finacial status from Interim Secretariat has been published at, item Income vs. Expenditure.

  6. 10 Oct 2001 20011010.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    ccTLD Network of Secondary Servers - ccTLD next-generation server cluster. ccSO Formation. CENTR works on the ccSO. Various proposals for ICANN reform (Verisign, Mike Roberts). Action to Secretariat: improve web site and quality of English on Reports and Minutes. Action to Elisabeth Porteneuve to write the Office Rules for ccTLD Secretariat. Marina del Rey agenda.

  7. 15 Dec 2001 20011215.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    ccTLD Secretariat update on finances. ccSO Formation - work in progress. ccTLD Liaison Officers with other groups of the DNSO. Names Council TF on Transfers. IANA requests and updates.

The Administration Committee teleconferences are open for ccTLD members willing to listen.

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