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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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AdCom Meetings, Year 2002

  1. 07 Feb 2002 20020207.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    ccSO. ccTLD meetings in Accra, Ghana. IDN. Contracts with ICANN. IANA DB. ICANN Funding for 2002-2003. Accra agenda.

  2. 10 May 2002 20020510.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    ICANN Reform. ccSO. Bucharest agenda preparation. Updates from the Names Council. Elections for AdCom and Names Council ? Improvement of minutes: Action Points arising from the Adcom Teleconference are listed.

  3. 22 May 2002 20020522.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Regional proposals on ICANN Reform. ccTLD meeting with Root Server Operators. Adcom and Names Council representatives. Bucharest agenda preparation.

  4. 06 Jun 2002 20020606.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Final Bucharest Meeting Agenda. ccTLD Voting rignts at the DNSO Names Council. New ICANN document of Reform, dated 31 May 2002. Works on procedures for the ccTLD group.

  5. 17 Jun 2002 20020617.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Regional Position documents on ICANN Reform has been published. CENTR survey on IDN anticipation provided to the Secretariat. ccTLD Communiques - Guidance Notes published.

  6. 30 Jul 2002 20020730.ACtelecon-minutes.html

    Funding the DNSO, GAC working groups, relations with ITU, ccSO sign up/regional association support, organize work with the ERC to coordinate efforts regarding the ccSO, prepare for Shanghai.

  7. 21 Aug 2002 20020821.ACtelecon-minutes.html TODO

    AdCom teleconference with ERC and ICANN staff on ICANN Reform and ccSO.

  8. 24 Sep 2002 20020924.ACtelecon-minutes.html TODO

  9. 01 Oct 2002 20021001.ACtelecon-minutes.html TODO

  10. 15 Oct 2002 20021015.ACtelecon-minutes.html TODO

The Administration Committee teleconferences are open for ccTLD members willing to listen.

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