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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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17 June 2002 at 12:00 UTC

Chaired by: Nigel Roberts

Patricio Poblete (Latin America - Caribbean Region) (noted as PP)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council) (noted as EP)
Nigel Roberts (European Region) (noted as NR)
Peter Dengate Thrush (Asia-Pacific Region) (noted as PDT)
Bernard Turcotte (alternate, N. American region) (noted as BT)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat) (noted as BK)
Seung-Yeon Yoo (Administrative staff, ccTLD Secretariat)

Peter de Blanc (N. American region)
Yann Kwok (African Region)
Oscar Robles (Names Council)

0. Last AdCom teleconference minutes:


I. Agenda

  1. Review action items
  2. Update of the Bucharest meeting agenda
  3. ccTLD Communiques: Guidance Notes ccTLD-communiques-guidance.html
  4. Others

II. Minutes of the AdCom Teleconference, 17 June 2002

  1. Action items from the previous AdCom teleconference (06 June 2002):

    1. 20020606-A **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Contact and set schedule with the GAC Secretariat

    2. 20020606-B **ONGOING**
      AdCom: Come up with 3-4 persons as candidates for the discussion leader of the joint session with GAC

    3. 20020606-C **ONGOING**
      Secretariat: Forward the proposed candidates of discussion leaders to the GAC

    4. 20020606-D **COMPLETED**
      BT: Come up with information on Ken Flocker

    5. 20020606-E **COMPLETED**
      PDT: Confer with Young Eum Lee and agree a plan for item 3 and report back as soon as possible.

    6. 20020606-F **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Amend the agenda according to the comments made at the teleconference. Further discussions would continue on the Adcom mailing list.

    7. 20020606-G **COMPLETED**
      Secretariat: Contact the Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform and invite them to the ccTLD meeting

    8. 20020606-H **ONGOING**
      PDT: Draft a letter to the Names Council regarding the membership of the ccTLD constituency

    9. 20020606-I **COMPLETED**
      AdCom & PDT: Encourage the regional associations produce a preliminary comment on 'CNSO' in relations to the ccTLDs, in advance of the Bucharest meeting (24-25 June), see

      ccTLD Position Documents on ICANN Reform, June 2002

    10. 20020606-J **COMPLETED**
      BK: Set up the bridge for the next AdCom Teleconference

    11. Re: 20020606, item 3.2 Questionnaire regarding IDN would be discussed between BK and EP.

      The CENTR questionnaire has been provided to BK, cf. ccTLD-questionnaire-IDN.html

  2. Update of the Bucharest meeting agenda


    The agenda prepared at last AdCom teleconference is stable, cf. 20020606.ACtelecon-minutes.html This agenda shall be completed with relevant documents.

  3. ccTLD Communiques: Guidance Notes

    NR kindly prepared a document "Guidances for drafting ccTLD communiqués" at ccTLD-communiques-guidance.html

    These guidance has been reviewed and adopted by the AdCom, and will be used for future ccTLD meetings.

  4. Others

    Please watch ICANN web site, traditionnaly they publish important and complicated documents at the eve of the day you start to travel.

    See you all in Bucharest.

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