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Administration Committee teleconference minutes

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10 May 2002, UTC 12:00-13:05

Chaired by: Peter Dengate Thrush
Written by: Seung-Yeon Yoo

Patricio Poblete (Latin America - Caribbean Region) (noted as PP)
Elisabeth Porteneuve (Names Council) (noted as EP)
Peter Dengate Thrush (Asia-Pacific Region) (noted as PDT)

Byung-Kyu Kim (Executive Director, ccTLD Secretariat) (noted as BK)
Seung-Yeon Yoo (Admin Staff, ccTLD Secretariat)

Peter de Blanc (N. American Region)
Yann Kwok (Africa Region)

0. Last AdCom teleconference minutes:


I. Action Points arising from the Adcom Teleconference, 10 May 2002

  1. 20020510-A
    AdCom: Coordinate a response on the ICANN Reform proposal

  2. 20020510-B
    AdCom: Stimulate regional discussions regarding the ICANN Reform to get regional position papers

  3. 20020510-C
    PDT: Contact the ccTLD legal working group for updates

  4. 20020510-D
    Secretariat: Invite other root server operators for the ccTLD Bucharest meeting

  5. 20020510-E
    Secretariat: Make a brief statement on the content regarding the root server operators for formal procedure (for approval of the ccTLD Bucharest meeting agenda)

  6. 20020510-F
    Secretariat: Send out notices to the regional organizations regarding the AdCom election

  7. 20020510-G
    Next teleconference: 22 May, UTC 12:00

II. Discussions

  1. ICANN Reform

    • BK informed the group that the ICANN Board Retreat will be on 25-26 May. Therefore, it would be useful for the ccTLDs to have comments or a position on the ICANN reform before the ICANN Board Retreat.

    • It is clear that each region has different views or concerns regarding the ICANN reform. LACTLD has been working on internal matters and therefore only has an initial response on ICANN reform. CENTR has been mainly focusing on the IANA functions and expects to have some progress at the GA meeting, which will be held at the end of May. APTLD received comments from several countries and is expecting a unified position to be given to the board before the ICANN Board Retreat.

    • PP pointed out that the ccTLDs' silence on the ICANN reform should not be regarded as them not having interests in those matters.

    • PDT said that although it is difficult to comment on every reform proposals, it is clear consensus in all the proposals that a proper forum or an SO is required for the ccTLDs. He suggested encouraging the regional organizations to come up with a set of principles regarding the ICANN reform and give them to the AdCom. Then the AdCom could coordinate a response on the ICANN reform proposal.

    • PP said that the ccTLDs should start working on the ccSO proposal. A timeline should be set up so progress can be made. He also said that it is probably better to have regional position papers on the ICANN reform proposal and then from those, the ccTLDs could draft a common position.

  2. ccSO

    • "Application of Becoming a ccSO, v 2.1" ADD URL has been circulated on the cctld-discuss mailing list for a while but due to lack of response, there hasn't been much progress.

    • The decision to have 2 organizations; one outside ICANN for trade association issues and one inside ICANN for ICANN issues, was revisited and clarified.

    • PDT stated that it was clearly decided by the results of the last several meetings that the ccTLDs would take part in ICANN through the ccSO.

    • The two proposals by Nigel Roberts and EP deal with the trade association and therefore should be dealt after the ccSO proposal. BK requested Nigel Robertsí» proposal to be sent to the ccTLD Secretariat.

    • Concerns that the ccTLD legal working group has not any progress were expressed and PDT will contact them for any updates.

  3. Agenda for the ccTLD Bucharest Meeting

    • Root Server operators: Jun Murai will come and make a presentation on root server operations at the ccTLD Bucharest meeting. The group agreed that this was a good item to have on the agenda because it is ideal that the ccTLDs contact directly with the root server operators. EP suggested inviting other root operators as well.

      Although it is a good idea to have the root server operators come and speak at the ccTLD meeting, the Secretariat should prepare a brief statement on the content of this part of the agenda in order for AdCom's approval.

    • ICANN Reform: Gathering opinions from the regional level and then taking the common denominators could produce a unified position of the ccTLD community. Each regional group could give presentations and the ccTLDs, as a group, can come up with a conclusion based on the presentations.

    • (Amended) Draft Agenda for the ccTLD Bucharest Meeting

    Venue: Contsanta Room, Bucharest Marriott Grand Hotel

    DAY 1, 24 June 2002 (Chair: Nigel Roberts)

    1. ccSO Discussion

    • issue discussion
    • report from liaison officer

    2. ccTLD Incorporation

    • report from legal WG

    3. ICANN Reform ICANNreform.html

    DAY 2, 25 June 2002 (Chair: Nigel Roberts)

    4. Secretariat Report

    5. Funding to ICANN, ccTLD Secretariat

    6. Root Server Agreement

    • RSSC presentation by Jun Murai
    • Discussion on the agreement between the ccTLD group and the root server operators

    7. IDN Issues

  4. General

    • PDT asked updates from the Names Council to EP and she told the group that only general comments could be given because the ccTLD does not have a position.

    • PP expressed his concerns on the number of AdComs present at the AdCom teleconference.

    • BK reminded the group that mandates for some AdCom members were up but it was decided that since reform is in process, the AdCom election would be postponed until ccSO was in place. PDT pointed out that it was up to the regional organizations to update its representative and suggested for the Secretariat to send out notices to the corresponding regional organizations.

    • EP suggested having another teleconference within 10 days to approve the agenda and to check on progress. The group decided to have a teleconference on 22 May, UTC 12:00.

Meeting Adjourned at UTC 13:05

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