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ICANN Board Directors originating from the ccTLD Constituency

Administration Committee

Current Members of the Administration Committee:

Former Administration Committee Representation:

25 May 1999, Berlin, First ccTLD Constituency meeting:

Notes from 25 May 1999 Berlin ccTLD meeting

25 May 1999, Berlin - August 2000, Initial ccTLD Administration Committee:

Notes from 22 June 1999 San Jose AdCom meeting

Subsequent AdCom and ccTLD meetings in 1999

Communiques about AdCom and Names Council updates

Peter de Blanc replaced Robert Hall after November 19999. Subsequently he has been elected with Zita Wenzel as Alternate.
Nii Quaynor get elected to the Names Council on 3 June 2000, he has been replaced at the same date by Yann Kwok.
Dennis Jennings resigned in August 2000, he has been temporarily replaced by Fay Howard.
Kilnam Chon has been replaced by Peter Dengate Thrush and Hualin Qian as Alternate.
Oscar Robles has been replaced by Patricio Poblete and Eduardo Santoyo as Alternate.

August 2000 - March 2002:

AdCom meetings in 2000

AdCom meetings in 2001

The European election planned for November 2000 took place at the end of December 2000. Fay Howard got elected in January 2001, while she already resigned from CENTR - she left CENTR on 23 March 2001.
In May 2001 CENTR elected Nigel Roberts as its Administration Committee delegate, Nigel took his position on 6th June 2001.
Bernard Turcotte replaced Zita Wenzel in the Summer of 2001.
Antony Van Couvering did not attend any ccTLD meeting since the Summer of 2001.
In March 2002 Peter Dengate Thrush has been re-elected and Hualin Qian has been replaced by Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah
Alternate: Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah (AsiaPac)

March 2002 - August 2002:

On 26 June 2002 Peter de Blanc passed away ../inmemoriam/.

AdCom meetings in 2002

Names Council of the DNSO

The ccTLD withdrew from the NC at the end of Shanghai meeting, 29 Oct 2002. On 15 Dec 2002 the DNSO has been replaced by the GNSO.

Former Names Council Representation:

June 1999 - August 1999, Provisional ccTLD Registries Constituency respresentatives to the Names Council:

August 1999 - September 2000:

October 2000 - October 2002:

20 Dec 2001: ccTLD Members participating in ICANN and Names Council WG, TF and Committees

Interim Secretariat Staff and work plan

The Interim secretariat will provide an executive function, operating under guidelines of the ccTLD Administrative Committee, and act as a single point of contact for all ccTLD business.

Interim Secretariat work plan

Translation into different languages, collaborative work with various ccTLD Registries

Regional organizations

Other associated organizations

ccTLD Member Chat Room

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