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20 Apr 2000


ccTLD Administration Committee Teleconference March 2000 - Draft Summary

   Date: 2000.4.20 1300-1430 GMT
Discussed on the following issues:

1. Review of the previous AdCom minutes, 2000.3.24

No comments were made.

2. ccTLD Working Group report
     WG1: ICANN Service
     WG2: Best Practice & Redelegation
     WG3: Funding To ICANN

We agreed on the following;

a. the name would be as described above.
b. the website including the WG mailing lists will be set up at with appropriate links, mirroring and forwarding
   to and other relevant sites.  Antony will set up the website
   and announce shortly.

3. July 2000 Meeting Schedule

We agreed on the followigng(see the attached message at the end for detail

a. we will meet on July 12 and 13 as discussed in cctld-discuss in the past.
   the meeting will take place yokohama grand intercontinental hotel, next
   to Pacifico Yokohama, where ICANN/INET meetings take place.

b. it would cost us around $7000 or more for these meetings.

c. we will have two or more suite rooms for small group meetings as well as
   working office space at the hotel.

4. Names Council member election

We agreed with the following;

a. We recommend ccTLD constituency to elect the interim Names Council member
   with the term of six months(May-Nov 2000) until the next Names Council
   member election from ccTLD takes place prior to November 2000 ICANN Meeting.

   We expect the election of the interim to take place by mid-may if
   ccTLD constituency agrees on the schme we are proposing, which has been
   posted by Peter de Blanc.

b. We will post recommendation on the election procedure for the three 2000-2002
   Names Council members from ccTLD constituency.  Nii Quaynor and Peter de
   Blanc will post the recommendation on behalf of ccTLD Administration

5. Administration Committee member election

We agreed on the following;

a. We confirmed the recommendation we made at the last Administration
   Committee Teleconferencing in March 24, and we expect each of the six groups
   to elect the next Administration Committee Member, who starts to serve
   from 2000.7.18, immediately after Yokohama ICANN Meeting.

6. ccTLD Secretariat
     Interim ccTLD Secretariat(2000.5-11)
     Permanent ccTLD Secretariat(2000.11 ~ )

There are no proposal submitted to the call for proposal of Interim ccTLD
Secretariat by the due date of 2000.4.19, and ccTLD Administration Committee
decided to extend the deadline to April 28 midnight. The notice was issued
to cctld-discuss immediately in 2000.4.20.

7. DNSO WG report
     WG-B Famous Marks
     WG-C New gTLDs
     WG-E Outreach and Awareness

We decided to skip on DNSO WG report.

8. Contribution to DNSO secretariat

We notified ICANN Board regarding ccTLD's contribution of $5000 last fall,
but have not heard from ICANN Board, and decided to send the reminding
message again.

9.  Contribution to ccTLD secretariats

We expect to pay $5000 or more per month to ccTLD Secretariat for its
service to ccTLD constituency.  We will decide on the scheme including the
amount of the payment after we decide on the ccTLD Secretariat next month.
We don't anticipate any problem on the payment.

10. Next Teleconferences


Participant List:

  Antony van Couvering/IATLD
  Fay Howard(in place of Dennis Jennings)/CENTR
  Peter de Blanc/NATLD
  Nii Quaynor(and Yann Kwak in place of Nii during the latter half)/AFTLD
  Kilnam Chon/APTLD

  Elisabeth Porteneuve(Observer)


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